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Plastic Surgery As Entertainment: Dr. Reath’s Latest Reviews

If you think about plastic surgeons and plastic surgery with movies as your reference point, you probably will not get a very realistic view of what it is that plastic surgeons really do. Or what can plastic surgery really do to/for someone. Even most novels get it wrong. You may have read a recent bestseller … Read more »

What Not To Do The Night Before Your Breast Augmentation

Elective plastic surgery differs from almost any other type of medical care that you will receive. Because ultimately you, as the patient, get to decide what to do, or at the very least be pivotal in the decision making process, especially when it comes to breast augmentation. As a surgeon, this is a part of … Read more »

Dear Allergan: Keep Up the Valeant Fight

Recently, one of the hottest topics in both the worlds of aesthetic medicine and big business has been the attempts by the pharmaceutical company Valeant at a hostile takeover of Allergan. To date this has not been successful, but this fight is by no means over. And, it could have a major negative affect on … Read more »

My Plastic Surgery Pet Peeve: Up-Selling

Like every other plastic surgeon, I see many patients who have already been to see another plastic surgeon – most are looking for second opinions, or another expert’s take on the solution to their concerns. I have noticed that the people who are the most unhappy with their previous consultations are those who have been … Read more »

Shaped vs Round Breast Implants: Can You Tell The Difference?

Highly cohesive breast implants are getting a lot of play in the media and at the meetings I attend. I’ve also noticed a real push from the breast implant manufacturers to persuade us to use these in our practice. They even have a cute, catchy nickname: gummy bear implants. But the question in the minds … Read more »

How To Get Christie Brinkley’s “Stay-Young Secret” At Home

Remember Christie Brinkley? She is one of those people who seems to age gracefully and beautifully, which means she seems to not age at all. Recently she was featured on the cover of People Magazine looking fabulous at age 60 and she revealed “all her stay-young secrets”. The meat of the article is a section … Read more »

The List: Every Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon In Knoxville

You have heard me talk about this before, and  you will probably hear me talk about this again: when you are having plastic surgery, go to a Board-certified plastic surgeon.  And by now you could think I am terribly redundant, obsessed, totally daft, or that I can’t remember what I’ve written about.  Well, while neither … Read more »

Plastic Surgery Stats Released: Here Are the Latest Trends

Last week the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released our statistics for the procedures performed in 2013. As the Chairman of the Public Education Committee, I was asked to write a blog about these stats. If you would like to read the 2013 plastic surgery statistics in all their glory you can do it … Read more »

Traveling For Plastic Surgery: When It Does (And Does Not) Make Sense

Let’s play a little game. What do Guam, Memphis, Africa, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Dubai, Canada and South Carolina have in common? Believe it or not, patients have come to Knoxville from all of these places to have surgery with me. You’re probably wondering why someone would travel so far to have plastic surgery. You’re also probably … Read more »

Moving Plastic Surgery Forward: 2 Big Changes I’m Applying Now

One of the major initiatives in all of medicine is to make better decisions, not that we are currently making poor decisions. There is always a tendency for physicians to continue to do the things they have done, because that’s what always has worked for them. The thought being, it ain’t broke, so why should … Read more »

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