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Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse

Filler Fundamentals-

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are the fastest growing non-invasive facial procedures in Knoxville. Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero and Prevelle are all injectable wrinkle fillers made from hyaluronic acid. Fillers differ in formulation and one size definitely does not fit all. Some are more plumping and some last longer than others. There is also a significant difference in cost.

A video really is worth a thousand words. In this recent Truth-O-Meter Tuesday video, Nurse Injector Jill Maze explains the differences in the fillers available and which filler she likes to use in what area. Very helpful Jill!

Shopping for Injectable Fillers

Many more wrinkle fillers are awaiting approval by the FDA so it will become increasing difficult to keep them all straight. It is very important to understand that just because a filler is new, doesn’t mean that it’s better. The key is to find the right Knoxville office with a great injector who has access to the latest fillers and makes recommendations based on your goals and budget.

There are many physicians’s offices that are now injecting fillers. Why come to us?

Experience combined with artistry- You will benefit from an injectable plan designed Top Knoxville Doctor for Injectables RealSelf.compersonally for you by Dr. Reath. The injectable consultation with him is free and patients find it very helpful. Working under the direct supervision of Dr. Reath, our nurse injector, Jill Maze, RN, trains with the most renowned experts in Cosmetic Injectables. Patients routinely comment on her caring manner and her fabulous results.

We Use Flexible Blout Cannulas to Inject our Fillers- This is not only the safest way to inject fillers, but it also results in less pain and bruising for you! Flexible cannulas cost more than traditional needles, but we think your safety and comfort is worth the expense on our part. We are the only office in Knoxville to use these miracle-workers. Read more about the importance of flexible cannulas in Dr. Reath’s blog. You should never get fillers without them.

We’re “Stuck” on a Better, Safer Way To Inject Fillers

One of the things that I like about plastic surgery is that we are always trying to improve the things we do. I think it’s part of our culture or the way plastic surgeons are wired (no comments from the peanut gallery, please!). Usually the goal is to have a better result or make something … Read more »

Good to Know

Allergan Black Diamond Practice
Our office has been awarded Black Diamond Status by Allergan, one of only 1% of the practices in the nation to receive this honor. What does this mean to you? It means that we have lots and lots of practice helping patients achieve the results they want. It means that Jill Maze, our fabulous Nurse Injector, is in the top 1% of all Botox and Juvederm injectors in the whole United States. Pretty good for Knoxville, Tennessee right?

We are grateful to all our patients for their loyalty to our practice and kind referrals, which helped us achieve this honor. Thanks y’all.

Before and After Photos of Facial Filler Patients

  • Prevelle_before Prevelle_after
    Before After

    Before & After Fillers: This is a 37-year-old who asked us for help with the dark circles under her eyes. Nurse Injector Jill Maze injected HA Fillers in the hollow area under her eyes with this fabulous result. Just a small amount makes a big difference!

  • 12286_before 12286_after
    Before After

    Before & After HA Fillers and Dysport- Here is a perfect example of dramatic improvements that can be made without surgery, recovery time and at a relatively low cost. She is 48 and was concerned with aging around the eyes. Nurse Injector Jill Maze used Dysport in her crow's feet and a tiny bit of HA filler under the eyes. The change is remarkable, but subtle.

  • 9354_teartrough_before 9354_teartrough_after
    Before After

    Before & After Fillers Under the Eyes: This is a very active 60-year-old who wanted her face to look as young as she feels inside. She particularly mentioned the hollows under her eyes which she felt make her look older and tired. Jill Maze injected HA Fillers in the hollow are under her eyes. Isn't it amazing what a change a little filler can make?

  • 11210_bfr_low 11210_aft_low
    Before After

    Before & After Juvederm XC: This is a 64-year-old woman who was concerned about facial aging and wanted to explore nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation. Here she is before and after her with Juvederm in her lips and nasolabial folds. What an incredible difference!

  • 13106 before 13106 after
    Before After

    Before & After Juvederm Ultra Plus: This is a 44-year-old woman who has a very public job. She was concerned that the aging around her mouth did not match her warm personality. Nurse Injector Jill Maze, RN used three syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus to fill in her nasolabial folds and the "marionette" lines under her mouth.This is a great example of the artful use of fillers, and she is thrilled with her results.

  • 7649_Before_Pic_(1) 7649_After_Pic_(1)
    Before After

    Before & After Juvederm: This is a 39 year old patient who was concerned about her lips and nasolabial folds. Jill Maze, RN injected one syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus to her lips and one syringe of Juvederm Ultra to the nasolabial folds. The patient had a great result and restored fullness in her lips.

  • Before Juvederm Ultra Plus After Juvederm Ultra Plus
    Before After

    Before & After Juvederm Ultra Plus- Here is a fifty-year-old woman who wanted to rejuvenate the area around her mouth. She particularly did not like the way her mouth set in a frown in repose. Nurse Injector Jill Maze, RN artfully used Juvederm Ultra Plus to contour and lift the area around the corners of her mouth as well as to restore fullness in her upper and lower lips. These fabulous results just took one syringe of product and her “after” photo was taken over five months after she had her treatment.

  • Mark_Before_Restylane_Side_(15) Mark_After_Restylane_Side_flipped(3)
    Before After

    Before & After Juvederm: This is a 40-year-old man before and after his Juvederm treatment.

  • 12890_before 12890_after

    Before & After Radiesse with Juvederm: This is a very active woman who told us she had been thinking about doing something to her nasolabial folds "for years". She finally decided to do something after her 50th birthday. Jill Maze, RN used one syringe of Radiesse and a half syringe of Juvederm XC to achieve her new look. She told us it "turned out better than she ever thought it would!"

  • 9354_before 9354_after
    Before After

    Before & After Radiesse and Juvederm: This is a very active 60-year-old woman who told us she wanted to look as young as she feels. She was particularly interested in nonsurgical rejuvenation. Here is a great example of the dramatic improvements that can be made using injectable fillers. Jill Maze, RN used the semi-permanent filler Radiesse in her nasolabial folds and Juvederm Ultra Plus in her lips and mouth area.

About Hyaluronic Acid Based Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a natural complex sugar found in all living animals that retains water and adds volume to the skin’s surface. It binds with collagen to provide structure, elasticity and volume to the skin and contribute to its overall appearance. As the skin ages, the cells lose the ability to produce hyaluronic acid. As a result, the skin begins to lose volume, often resulting in thinning lips, facial wrinkles and folds. Dermal fillers comprised of cross-linked hyaluronic acid are used to temporarily replace the lost hyaluronic acid and to restore skin volume with a smooth natural appearance.

Juvederm XC

This is our best selling facial filler for two reasons. First, it lasts longer than other hyaluronic acid fillers. Second, it contains lidocaine so it is less painful to inject.

The hyaluronic acid in Juvederm XC is manufactured in a smooth gel versus a gel particle suspension in Restylane. This different formulation is providing a smoother, longer lasting correction than current hyaluronic acid products on the market. Even better, Juvederm XC, in conjunction with Botox, makes both products last longer.

Juvederm XC is available in three different formulations: Regular Juvederm Ultra XC is a thinner gel so it is used for mild corrections and to outline the lips. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is much more popular with our patients. It has a thicker, plumping formula which is perfect for the lips. Juvederm Voluma XC is a newer formulation specifically designed to lift and add volume to the midface and cheeks.

Juvederm Pricing Cost per Syringe
Juvederm Ultra XC $600
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC $650
Juvederm Voluma XC $900

Multiple syringe discounts are available.

Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk for Lip Lines
Restylane Silk is a brand new filler in the Restylane family that is specifically formulated for smoothing the vertical lines around your mouth. It can also be used for more precise shaping of the lips for people who want their lips to be defined, rather than full and plump. It’s thinner formulation is perfect for treating really fine lines and filling in the tear troughs under the eyes. Like Juvederm, Restylane Silk contains lidocaine.

Restylane Silk Pricing Cost per Syringe
Restylane Silk $600

*We can still get regular Restylane, Prevelle and Belotero by special request, but we don’t carry much of it in stock. Our patients overwhelmingly prefer Juvederm XC because it lasts much longer and contains lidocaine and Restylane Silk for really fine lines around the lips and under the eyes.

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About new Juvederm XC- Does adding Lidocaine really make a difference with pain? Dr. Reath and Jill discuss the results of a blind study on this Truth-O-Meter Tuesday video.


What Does the XC Stand For in Juvederm XC?

This is really good to know. The XC in Juvederm XC indicates that the filler contains lidocaine in the syringe, which makes it much more comfortable for you, the patient. The Juvederm XC syringes also contain 25% more product. Some practices try to make more money by selling the cheaper, smaller syinges which are packaged without lidocaine. Trust us. You don’t want this. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the box. Any reputable injector will be impressed with your insider knowledge!

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC Knoxville





Studies show that 93% of the patients treated with Juvederm XC had less pain than when treated with the non-lidocaine formulation of Juvederm.

So, we did our own side-by-side study and here is what our patient had to say:

“I recently got to try Juvederm XC and I must say that I am a believer in this product!

Jill first applied a topical anesthetic around the nasolabial folds (creases that run from my nose to the corners of my mouth). She then proceeded with a very small injection of the Juvederm XC, waited 2 or 3 seconds for the numbing agent to take effect, and then completed the
injection. Other than the initial needle stick (which is really quite minimal), the whole process was painless. Compared to previous procedures I was actually able to sit back and relax.

At the last minute, we decided to add some filler to the lower corners of my mouth, where we had NOT applied a topical. Using the same process – a small injection, wait a few seconds, and then complete the injection – it was still a very comfortable process. I really believe that I could have done without the topical altogether, which will save me 20-30 minutes of “numbing time” on my next visit.

Post-treatment was also a much improved experience. I typically review a lot of paperwork during the work day, so I am constantly looking down. The XC formulation really made a difference, as I was so much more comfortable compared to previous treatments without XC.

My recommendation — If you decide to use a filler, be sure to ask for
Juvederm XC!”


Radiesse has been a popular filler in Knoxville area because it is longer lasting than most hyaluronic acid fillers and is cleared by the FDA. Anyone thinking about using Radiesse should also look into Juvederm’s brand new filler Voluma XC which is formulated to treat the mid face and cheeks and actually lasts longer.

Radiesse is used to fill in deep lines and wrinkles as well as to contour the jaw line and cheeks. The consistency of Radiesse is different from other fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Radiesse is thick like toothpaste whereas most hyaluronic acid fillers are thinner and more gel-like. Because of it’s thicker formulation, Radiesse should not be used in the lips or under the eyes.

Radiesse generally lasts about a year or more before naturally absorbing into the surrounding tissue. Radiesse is made of very tiny smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. These tiny particles form a scaffold. Once injected, the body’s own collagen grows around the scaffold producing a correction that is longer lasting than most other fillers.injectables(1).png

Radiesse is a product that is better used to undercorrect, rather than overcorrect. Some of our best results have been using Radiesse in conjunction with hyaluronic acid fillers to get the best of both worlds.

If you are wondering which injectable filler is best for you, an injectable consultation with Dr. Reath is the place to start. It is free and very helpful to understand your options.

Radiesse Pricing Cost per Syringe
Radiesse $900


Sculptra is a semi-permanent filler (polylactic acid) that recently received FDA approval for cosmetic use. Originally is was designed for correction of the signs of facial fat loss lipoatrophy) in people with human immunodeficiency virus although some Knoxville plastic surgeons have been using it cosmetically all along. We have decided not to incorporate Sculptra into our practice. The peer reviews are mixed as Sculptra requires three to six treatments and has side effects not associated with other fillers.

Meet Jill Maze, RN, BSN

Jill Maze RN, BSN
Jill is an extraordinarily gifted Nurse Injector. Working under the direct supervision of Dr. Reath since 2008, her extensive training and gentle touch is a winning combination. Her patients attest to her caring bedside manner, her skilled professionalism and her aesthetic expertise. Many drive all the way from Nashville and Atlanta because she is that good.

Every year Jill travels across the country to train with the most renowned experts in cosmetic injectables to refine her skills and bring back new techniques to our patients. This area requires a unique blend of artistry and science as well as the need to stay current, so Jill will continue her travels in the U.S. and Canada to observe the leaders in her field.

This advanced training is why she has been using flexible cannulas for the past four years to inject fillers. Flexible cannulas are not only safer than needles, they cause far less bruising and discomfort for her patients. She is the only injector in Knoxville to use them.
She is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses. She was in the first class in the country to attend the Advanced Injector Competence Training Course designed by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in Las Vegas. In addition, she received specialized instruction on techniques for using Botox® for areas other than the upper face. She is also trained and experienced with the recently FDA-approved filler Juvederm Voluma.

Besides she is so accomplished, many patients are surprised that Jill is completely down to earth and has a wicked sense of humor. It’s pretty common for us to hear them giggling down the hall into their ice packs as they leave her room.

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If you have questions about Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, Prevelle or Radiesse, email Nurse Injector Jill Maze at

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