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The Physician’s Surgery Center

Successful surgery is the result of a successful partnership between you, the patient, the surgeon, and his staff, those who help you recover, and the center where your surgery is performed.

Physicians Surgery Center Knoxville

Physician’s Surgery Center

There are three different settings in which you can have outpatient, elective surgery:

  • A hospital
  • An ambulatory surgery center
  • An operating room in a doctor’s office (office-based operating rooms)

For many years, Dr. Reath has chosen to partner with the Physician’s Surgery Center of Knoxville (PSCK), an ambulatory surgery center which is located in the Center for Advanced Medicine next to Ft. Sanders Regional Medical Center.

An ambulatory surgery center gives you the best of both worlds: comfort and safety.

Fully Licensed and accredited surgery centers like the Physician’s Surgery Center of Knoxville provide a more relaxed and friendly environment in which to have surgery. They are smaller, a bit more intimate and comfortable, a bit quieter, and – perhaps– more private than a hospital. And yet, everything you need to have surgery safely is on hand.

(Interestingly, Physician’s Surgery Center was one of the very first ambulatory surgery centers in the United States.)

You’ll have two qualified physicians to take care of you during your surgery- Dr. Reath or Dr. Walker and an anesthesiologist.

Anesthesia is provided and supervised by physicians and nurse anesthetists from Ft. Sanders Regional Medical Center. This is something that Dr. Reath feels strongly about, having a board-certified anesthesiologist present during his cases. It’s an essential layer of patient safety to which he is committed. Many patients are surprised to hear that most office-based operating rooms in Knoxville don’t have anesthesiologists on site. Whether you are having elective cosmetic surgery or any other surgical procedure, it’s a good idea to ask who will be doing your anesthesia.

Our patients love the Physician’s Surgery Center.

Dr. Reath has been operating at the Physician’s Surgery Center for over 25 years, and it’s been a good partnership. We consistently get positive feedback about PSCK from patients who have had surgery there. In addition to the conveniences of an outpatient surgery center, it’s the staff at PSCK that makes a difference. You can tell immediately that they love what they do. Many of them have been working with Dr. Reath since the first time he started operating there, not something you will see in many places. And it makes a difference.

Not only does the staff at the Physician’s Surgery Center work well with Dr. Reath and his team, but they also share the same attitude towards taking personal care of his patients. First and foremost is to assure patient safety. But they go above and beyond by being kind, dedicated, and genuinely caring for the patients who come through their doors.

Surgery, even elective cosmetic surgery, is never without some nervousness and anxiety. The folks at the Physician’s Surgery Center of Knoxville know this and always do whatever is necessary to make the process as easy as possible for you. So if you are going to have surgery, this is a safe, comfortable, and excellent place to be.

Directions to the Physician’s Surgery Center

*This is where you’ll go for your surgery. You’ll come to our office on Northshore Drive for your consultation.

Physicians’ Surgery Center
Fort Sanders Center for Advanced Medicine Building
1819 Clinch Ave, Suite 206
Knoxville, TN  37916

(865) 522-2949

From I -75 S–Coming from the North(N. Knox, Oneida, KY)

Take I 75 South to I 640 West (towards Nashville) –
At the I 640/I40 split – head East (towards Asheville)
(Follow directions for I-40 East and 17th St)

From I-40 E—Coming from the West (W. Knox, Chattanooga, Nashville)

Take Exit 387 – 17th st.
Merge onto Dale Ave.  -At light – Turn Rt. Onto 17th St.
(See directions from 17th St.)

From I-40 W – Coming from the East (E. Knox, Morristown, Bristol, Asheville)
Take Exit 387 – 17th st. -At light – Turn Rt. Onto 17th St.
(See directions from 17th St.)

Once on 17th St.:

Go up and over the hill to Clinch Ave.

Turn Rt. onto Clinch Ave. –you will pass by the front of the hospital

Turn Rt onto 20th St and take next Rt onto Laurel Ave.

Go one block towards ER entrance – turn Rt at the ER entrance and then left into parking garage-across from ER — Level P2

Park on level P2 and take the elevator to 2nd floor –

Turn left off of the elevators.

Turn left into the hallway and take an immediate right.

PSCK is in Suite 206 at the end of the hallway on the right- If you have trouble finding it call (865) 522-2949. They’ll get you there.

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