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2000 Facebook Fans Means Food For Four Hundred Families

Fish hospitality PantriesIt seems that it was not that long ago that I started blogging and set up our Facebook page. And we, as an office, have had a lot of fun with both.  It’s hard to believe that in less than three years I have written over 130 blog posts and filmed 115 Truth-O-Meter Tuesday videos. Nine months ago, we hit 1000 fans. And the big news is that today we topped 2000! The fact that our Facebook fans continue to grow encourages me to believe that what we are doing in the arena has value and I really appreciate your support and participation on our page.

In order to celebrate this, as we have done in the past, we will be making a contribution to FISH Hospitality Pantries, a local hunger ministry, and my favorite charity.  2000 fans means $2000.  And we would not be making this if it wasn’t for you.  So consider this contribution to be made on your behalf, and in your honor.  It is our pleasure to do this.

Who knows where social media will take us?  Hopefully more Facebook fans as times goes on.  But the real value to us is how we can communicate with you about things that are current, things in the news, and things that can be fun and entertaining.  It is our engagement and connection with you that is the driving force behind this.

So, thank you for being our friends, our fans, and our patients.  You just made a contribution that will make a real difference for families who need it.

FISH Hospitality Pantry on Scott Avenue

Way to go!

David B.

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