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“Bad Teacher ” Lives Up To Name Regarding Breast Implants

Bad Teacher
Don’t Get Your Breast Augmentation Information From This Classroom!

Oh the things I do for my patients!  In the never-ending quest to keep my patients and blog readers up to date on what real and what’s not in the world of plastic surgery,  I try to keep up with what’s in the news, on the tube, or on the silver screen (so to speak).  And this means that I will occasionally watch some movies  or TV shows which might be of — shall we say — limited cultural value.  You may or may not remember that I blogged about E Networks Bridalpasty. Which, of course meant that I had to watch an episode.  Hopefully I took one for the team here so that you did not have to watch it.

My most recent experience was to see the movie Bad Teacher.   I will say that this, too is not a great movie, and lest you think I’m a stick in the mud, you should know that I liked Bridesmaids. But the issue at here (besides the fact that the movie was poor) is that the teacher played by Cameron Diaz decides that she will  get her man and her life will be complete if she has breast enlargement.  And much of the movie focuses on her quest to earn the money for her surgery. Justin Timberlake thinks it would be OK for her to do, so maybe it is.

But the consultation she had with a plastic surgeon for this is pretty much, shall we say, non-factual.   So, allow me to set some things straight:

    1. Breast augmentation does not cost $9000! The range is more like $4500 to $5700 depending upon whether you have silicone or saline implants.

    1. You do not have to spend the night in the hospital or surgery center. Breast augmentation surgery takes less than an hour and is almost always done as an outpatient (unless there is another operation being done at the same time).

    1. The movie was correct in saying that you have to have both breasts done.

    1. But, you will not get to feel (or test drive) the breasts of  your doctor’s nurse — certainly not in my office!

I hope this may clear up any misunderstandings about breast enlargements.  As always we will continue to monitor the media and entertainment outlets to search out and destroy misinformation about plastic surgery: to support truth, justice and the American — well, you get the point.

Be well,

David B.

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