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Be Like Bob to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Anyone who has been around me, my blog, my website, or my Facebook page, knows that I row, and that I love rowing.  For those of us who row, it’s as much a passion as a sport.  In fact, a few years ago at the dinner table, the four of us in the family that rowed practically alienated our son who doesn’t row (sorry about that, Blair).  However the true transforming power of this sport is embodied (literally) by a good friend of mine, Bob Franks.

Here is a link to an article in Rowing News Magazine about Bob. He’s not only a great, highly motivated guy, but one of the kindest people I know. It’s always a blast to be in a boat with him. Bob took this sport up at age 56. He not only learned a new sport to the point that he can compete on a national level, but he totally changed his body. By consistent exercise and good dietary management he lost 70 pounds, and is probably in better shape than he has ever been in! Certainly you can achieve this with other sports, but Bob did it with rowing.

Check this out. It’s really a great story.

As Bob would say, “Row Hard!”

David B.

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