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Beauty Blunders Part 2: Makeup Mishaps

Beauty Blunders


Although we all want to look our best, most of us are making beauty mistakes without a clue we’re doing something wrong.

Expert Advice. Easy Fixes.

In part one of this three-part blog series, we explored Skin Care Snafus. Today Christy Ledford, our fabulous aesthetician, dishes about makeup.


Part 2: Makeup Mishaps


You match your foundation to the back of your hand.

makeup mishaps

It’s a mystery why would we women test foundation on our hands when we are wearing it on our faces, but haven’t we’ve all done it? Your face and hands are not the same color because they don’t get the same exposure to the sun. Avoid the dreaded foundation line. Christy’s pro tip: Try it on your jawline and neck for a perfect match.


You apply your makeup with a sponge.

There are a handful of reasons why this is a bad idea. First and foremost, makeup sponges are a breeding ground for germs, and if you don’t wash them daily, they can spread some serious bacteria. They have a short lifespan, maybe 2-3 months, whereas a quality brush, like our Luxe Brush from Glo Skin Beauty, can last for years. Christy points out that the expense doesn’t stop there. It’s shocking how much foundation ends up wasted, soaked into the sponge, instead of making you gorgeous.


You put your concealer on before your foundation.

makeup mishaps

When you use concealer first, you end up using way too much, which can get cakey. Instead, Christy says: Use a tinted sunblock to prime and even out your skin, which allows your foundation to have less work to do. Since your foundation covers most imperfections, you end up using waaaay less concealer, which tends to be on the thicker side.”

Christy’s secret weapon? Colorescience’s award-winning Total Eye. “It’s much more of a brightener and less thick than your average concealer, so it doesn’t settle in fine lines, making them look worse.”


You apply your lip liner just to the outline of your lips.

makeup mishaps

Unless your desired look is a throwback to the ‘90s, don’t do this. If you apply lipstick on top, it will fade first, leaving a clown-like ring around your mouth. Instead, either skip the liner or completely color in the lips under your lipstick for a more durable, alluring look. Christy has another suggestion. “Lip liner on top of lipstick or gloss is a modern way to seal the deal and keep color from feathering out. Just use a similar color, and you’re good to go.”


You curl your eyelashes after you put on mascara.

makeup mishaps

Not only will you ruin your mascara application, but the curler can stick to your gunky lashes and yank them out. It’s a huge no-no, but raise your hands if you haven’t done it at least once. Christy’s hint: For longer, darker lashes that stop traffic, start using Latisse, our breakthrough eyelash-growing drops, followed by Blinc mascara.

There are more Beauty Blunders featured in the sixth edition of our practice magazine, Your Beauty, which just hit the stands.


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