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Beauty Blunders Part 3: Hair Errors

Beauty Blunders


Although we all want to look our best, most of us are making beauty mistakes without a clue we’re doing something wrong.

In part one of this three-part blog series, we explored Skin Care Snafus, and part two was all about Makeup Mishaps. In part three, Scott Stuart, co-owner of Metropolis Hair Fashions, shares the most common ways we flub up our hair.

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Part 3: Hair Errors


You over-shampoo your hair.


If you’re like most people, you place your shampoo from your hand to your head, mostly in one spot, then lather, rinse and repeat, right? Wrong! Guilty as charged.

What Scott recommends: Rub the shampoo between your palms, then use each hand to distribute a small amount of shampoo to about five places on your head from front to back on each side. Now you can just shampoo your scalp without the risk of over-stripping.

Rethink the “repeat”. Remember it’s your scalp, not your hair, that generates oil. As Scott always says, “Shampoo your head, condition your hair.”


You weigh your hair down with conditioner.


The oldest and driest hair is at the ends, so that’s where you need conditioner. Skip the roots where it will just weigh your hair down.

Scott’s instructions: Step back from the shower stream and squeegee the dripping water from your hair. Add the conditioner from the bottom up, stopping at your ears. Since you have not placed conditioner on your scalp, you can try not rinsing out the conditioner thoroughly, allowing for easier combing after the shower.


You tangle with your towel.

Scott says, “I watch many of you after you get shampooed, and your shampoo tech hands you a towel and sets you free. Out of lifelong habit, you take your towel and rub your hair into a knot.” You can stop the snarls.

His solution: Blot, don’t knot. Place your towel on your hair and gently squeeze the excess water from your hair. Start at the top and work down. If you don’t put the tangles in, you don’t have to tear them out—the benefit: healthier hair with just a slight change of habit.


You dry your hair in the bathroom.


Nine out of ten women say they blow-dry their hair in the same bathroom they just showered in. As Scott points out, “Why would you dry your hair in a sauna? Pick a room that is big, open, cool, and dry with a mirror and give it a try. It’s faster, and you’ll get better results with less thermal damage.”


Your part is outdated.


How you part your hair could be aging you. This may sound completely out-of-line, but there’s no rule that parts have to be razor-straight. A middle part doesn’t work for everyone, but you also don’t want to have a severe side part either.

Try experimenting with your comb in a zig-zag motion. A soft irregular part could be the most flattering, giving you a contemporary, updated look.

There are more Beauty Blunders featured in the sixth edition of our practice magazine, Your Beauty, which just hit the stands.


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Outside Expert Scott Stuart

Scott Stuart is the co-owner of Metropolis Hair Fashions and has been styling Dr. Reath’s hair for the past 32 years. One of the things that sets Scott apart from the crowd is his passion for education. He has been holding seminars for other stylists in Knoxville since he opened up Metropolis. With this experience, he’s the perfect guy to give us tips on managing our manes.

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