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Betty White got it wrong.

Betty White on Saturday Night Live
If you haven’t seen Saturday Night Live’s show from last weekend, you need to. This was a very funny show, as only SNL can do, that was hosted by Betty White. Her appearance on the Mother’s Day show was in response to a facebook campaign to have SNL invite her on as a host. She is really a trooper to be doing  a live show like this at the young age of 88 years (actually 88 and a half).  I’m impressed!

One of SNL’s stock skits is MacGruber.  This is the guy who is always trying to defuse a bomb with something like a hairpin, chewing gum wrapper, and slightly used dental floss, all while the clock ticks down.  He never makes it and the bomb always explodes. To add to his distraction,  Betty White – as his grandmother – is harassing him alternately by telling him to say please and thank you, and by telling embarrassing stories about him as a youth.  This is SNL, so you know that the stories are going to be right on the edge.

And what did she harass him about? Breast reduction surgery, of course.  Certainly this was a funny skit, and without wanting to be too much of a killjoy, I do need to correct some of what was said or implied. First of all, for those so afflicted, this is no laughing matter.  And, a lot of guys are concerned about this, (perhaps as many as 40 to 50% of all men).  According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2009 statistics, over 17,000 men had male breast reduction surgery, or surgery to correct gynecomastia, last year.  So, if you are concerned about this, you are not alone.  Importantly, there are usually very minimal scars with this operation.  And, believe me, this surgery can really change your life – no joke.

So, Betty didn’t quite get it right.  But even if she did, this probably would not have saved MacGruber.  (I think he’s pretty much toast no matter how you slice it.) And, Betty, if you are reading this, and have taken up facebook instead of the phone book,  great show, and a great comedic career.  We’re all in awe.

Best to you all,

David B.

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