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Beware of Trademarks!

new york timesI want to share with you an article about “trademarked” surgical procedures, more specifically facelifts.  We have written about this in Your Beauty in the past, and it’s nice to see our views echoed in the media (like the New York Times).  The link to it is attached below.  This move to market a medical procedure directly to the consumer — those we call patients, is potentially a dangerous one.  Because it is the doctor and the patient together who should decide what is the best approach, not an advertising campaign promoting a trademarked operation.

Personally, I have never performed, nor developed a “trademarked” operation, and I hope I never do.  In medicine, if we have a good idea, we should share it, not restrict it with a trade mark. We should write articles about it, present it in at meetings, and teach our colleagues how to do it.  If the idea is that good, credit will always come back to the creator.  And everyone benefits.

Give this article a peek. It’s a very fair treatment of this issue.

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