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My Top 10 Most Important Blog Posts (So Far)

Back in November of 2009, I started my Facebook page, got my first smart phone, and wrote my first blog post. Since then, we have been honored with over 11,000 facebook fans and our practice You Tube channel has 253 videos with over 433,000 views. Pretty amazing, right? Now, eight years later, I have written over 280 … Read more »

The Brazilian Butt Lift: A Word of Caution

The Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock augmentation by autologous fat injection is one of the fastest growing cosmetic operations in this country and around the world. Basically it involves removing fat from one area of the body with liposuction, and injecting it into another area of the body. I have been a slow adopter of … Read more »

Think Timeless, Not Trendy, When Considering Plastic Surgery

You may have noticed that the popular media has been very butt-focused lately.  Nicki Minaj at the VMA’s, Meghan Trainor’s catchy hit All About the Bass, Kim Kardashian’s racy magazine cover, and pop stars like Beyonce’ and Jennifer Lopez have all been at the forefront of what People Magazine is calling “The Year of The … Read more »

Plastic Surgery As Entertainment: Dr. Reath’s Latest Reviews

If you think about plastic surgeons and plastic surgery with movies as your reference point, you probably will not get a very realistic view of what it is that plastic surgeons really do. Or what can plastic surgery really do to/for someone. Even most novels get it wrong. You may have read a recent bestseller … Read more »

How To Get Christie Brinkley’s “Stay-Young Secret” At Home

Remember Christie Brinkley? She is one of those people who seems to age gracefully and beautifully, which means she seems to not age at all. Recently she was featured on the cover of People Magazine looking fabulous at age 60 and she revealed “all her stay-young secrets”.The meat of the article is a section called … Read more »

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Why Angelina Jolie Is Not Heidi Montag

One of the biggest news items this week has been the revelation, shared by Angelina Jolie, that she had undergone prophylactic mastectomies and reconstruction due to her high risks of developing breast cancer. From where I sit, her sharing of her story was open, honest, and-well- courageous. But it surprised me that in some of … Read more »

More Unreal Reality TV: TLC’s Plastic Wives

From the same channel that has brought you such classics as Hoarding: Buried Alive, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, comes a new classic: Plastic Wives from TLC. While this new show has yet to air, the promo trailer gives you a pretty good idea of where this one is going. The show is … Read more »

Mystery: New Grisham Book’s Plastic Surgery Facts

Last month, Lisa and I had a road trip to Charleston. As we often do, we listened to a recorded book. The selection for this trip was John Grisham’s latest, The Racketeer. This book has been well-reviewed and seemed like a good one to pass time on the road, as it was. Spoiler Alert: However, … Read more »

Plastic Surgery Wins at the Academy Awards

Last night’s Academy Awards went pretty much as predicted.  Kudos to The Artist.  But there was one winner that really got my attention: Best Short Documentary: Saving Face.  This is a great story and one in which plastic surgery plays a leading role. Briefly, this is about two Pakistani women who are victims of acid … Read more »

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