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Plastic Surgery Wins at the Academy Awards

Last night’s Academy Awards went pretty much as predicted.  Kudos to The Artist.  But there was one winner that really got my attention: Best Short Documentary: Saving Face.  This is a great story and one in which plastic surgery plays a leading role. Briefly, this is about two Pakistani women who are victims of acid … Read more »

“Bad Teacher ” Lives Up To Name Regarding Breast Implants

Don’t Get Your Breast Augmentation Information From This Classroom! Oh the things I do for my patients!  In the never-ending quest to keep my patients and blog readers up to date on what real and what’s not in the world of plastic surgery,  I try to keep up with what’s in the news, on the … Read more »

Watered Down Results from so-called “Liquid Facelifts”

Ever since the “liquid facelift” was featured on one of the Real Housewives show, we have gotten lots of calls to our office asking about it. The term is somewhat misleading making it a perfect topic for our Truth-O-Meter Tuesday series (in which we try to tell facts from fiction).  In this video, I explain … Read more »

Why It Shouldn’t Matter Whether Demi Moore Has Had Plastic Surgery

It seems to me that every time I look at some magazine, there’s another article about which celebrity has had plastic surgery. Most of the time these articles are pretty snarky as they speculate on what this person has had done, what it may have cost them, and what they’ve spent over their lifetime on … Read more »

“Glee” Covers Plastic Surgery (And Strikes The Right Chord)

This week’s episode of Fox Network’s hit show Glee had plastic surgery as one of several plot lines. While this does not always happen on the show, the kids — specifically Rachel and Quinn, got it right.  And in so doing, the topic of choosing to have plastic surgery was handled in a fairly balanced … Read more »

Why I Would Rather Be Dr. 37919 Than Dr. 90210

As I talk with patients it’s always interesting to find out where they are getting their information and insight into plastic surgery. There’s a lot of stuff out there on TV, on the Internet, and pretty much everywhere you look and it seems that many people watch Dr. 90210. As you might expect, I have … Read more »

“The Tourist”: Plastic Surgery Reality Check (Spoiler Alert!)

Let me begin this blog with a warning: spoiler alert.  If you haven’t seen the movie The Tourist, and you don’t want the surprise in the end of the movie to be ruined, you should stop reading this blog now. Go see the movie, and then come back and read it. If, on the other … Read more »

New “Bridalplasty” Show: Bad TV. Even Worse Medicine.

As if there were not enough tasteless and questionably ethical TV shows involving plastic surgery, there is one more to top the list. And it is, most unfortunately, being done by a Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow from Newport Beach California. (This is not necessarily a California thing as I have several close friends … Read more »

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