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7 Hottest Trends To Beautify Your 2018

I hope 2017 has been a good year for you because it’s been a great year for our Knoxville plastic surgery practice in so many ways. At this time of the year, I like to reflect over the past year with an eye to the future to take stock of where we are, where we’ve … Read more »

Milestone Moments: A Get Ready Guide For Big Events

Happy, sad, or a bit of both — “milestone moments” are when we could all use a bit of extra self-confidence. If you have a big event in your future, my staff put together this video just for you. From CoolSculpting to Botox to skin care treatments, here’s our video planning guide for getting ready, … Read more »

2000 Facebook Fans Means Food For Four Hundred Families

It seems that it was not that long ago that I started blogging and set up our Facebook page. And we, as an office, have had a lot of fun with both.  It’s hard to believe that in less than three years I have written over 130 blog posts and filmed 115 Truth-O-Meter Tuesday videos. … Read more »

Our Most Fun Holiday Promotion….Ever!

Welcome Back Reath Reward-O-Ments. Now that Thanksgiving is over, and– for the most part– the turkey dinners are digested, our thoughts move on to Christmas. What my office staff and I enjoy most about this season is giving. I am sure that I get as much joy out of finding and giving a present to someone as … Read more »

1000 Facebook Fans Means Food For Two Hundred Families

Today we reached a significant milestone on our Facebook page. We crossed the 1,000 fans mark! Thanks for being a Facebook fan (or if you’re not, we would love to have you.) To celebrate the occasion, we donated $1000 to the FISH Hospitality Pantry in honor of you- our facebook fans. Fans = Funds For … Read more »

Patients of Courage: How They Make Plastic Surgeons Look Good

Do you remember the scene in the movie, Men In Black, where Will Smith first puts on his black suit, dark glasses and weird triangular watch? He looks in the mirror and says, “I make this look good.” This has always been a catchy phrase which, unfortunately, I rarely get to use. But my thoughts … Read more »

How Used Bras Support More Than You Expect

Anyone who knows even a little about my practice knows that I do a lot of breast surgery.  Small ones are made bigger, big ones are made smaller, and  many are lifted as well.  As you might imagine, the women who are undergoing these operations will be needing to make some adjustments to their wardrobe. … Read more »

Together we did beautiful things!

Dear Friends: As many of you know, our office staff felt the need  to do something very different this year to celebrate the holidays. So we decided to donate ten percent of all non-surgical sales for the month of December to our two favorite charities. We really tapped into a spirit of giving that resonated with our patients. It … Read more »

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