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Christmas comes a little early!

Christmas on Capitol Hill
Not only is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but it’s beginning to look like the 5% excise tax on cosmetic procedures will not be in the senate health care bill!  It seems that there may yet be a bit of wisdom in Washington. 

Senator Reid proposed an amendment with a bunch of compromises  which would allow all the democratic senators to get behind this bill, and one portion of this was to remove the cosmetic surgery tax.  There, however, is a smidgen of bad news if you are a tanning salon lover.  There will now be a 10% tax on these services as they may contribute to the development of skin cancer (and they really do age your skin).

So for all you out there who took the time to call, write and badger your senators — thank you, thank you thank you!  Maybe we the people can make a bit of a difference after all.

I hope all your holiday preparations are going well.  Be safe when you travel.  I hope you are all surrounded by peace and joy in this wonderful season!

Here’s looking at you,

David B

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