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Cleavage 101: Implants, Bras, and the Uniboob

In recent news coverage about patients having plastic surgery by non-plastic surgeons the term “uniboob” came up. So, just what is a uniboob and is this something that you want? To answer the second question first, no — this is definitely NOT something that you want.

This all has to do with cleavage. And cleavage is definitely something that women are concerned with when considering breast enlargement. Cleavage, or the distance between the breasts, is determined more by the anatomy of the chest than the size of the breasts or the use of implants, even big ones. If the breasts are naturally close together, then cleavage is a chip shot — it’s almost always there. And if it isn’t present before breast augmentation in women whose breasts are close together, it probably will be afterwards.


A Uniboob, which has since been corrected by a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

However, if the breast are widely separated, cleavage will be difficult or impossible to achieve even with large implants.

Some surgeons will unwisely try to achieve cleavage in a chest where it really is not in the cards, by moving the implants too close together. And, the results are predictably poor. If this is done to an extreme, the breasts can almost merge in the middle creating what’s being referred to as a “uniboob.”

In women whose breasts are naturally somewhat separated and cleavage is hard to achieve surgically, bras can help. As long as the implants have remained soft, frequently the appearance of cleavage can be created with a bra that keeps the breasts closer together.

As with so many things, where you end up is a function of where you start.  And, as a surgeon, this is something I must always keep in mind.

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