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CoolSculpting: It Really Works

CoolSculpting Update
We’ve had our CoolSculpting machines for three months now, and it’s time to step back and look some of our results to see just how well this is doing.  And, to cut to the chase, we are delighted with the results.  Certainly there are some types of fat that respond better than other, and some areas may do better.  But overall we are very pleased with the results.

I have had this done myself, as I had demonstrated in a video which we posted to Facebook.  My hip rolls (that’s doctor speak for love handles) have had an impressive result.  Just one hour of treatment has given a major reduction.  And, voila!  Have a look at my before and after photos below.

Coolsculpting facebook

We have other before and after photos on our website.  Many people are seeing great results in a month, but the best time frame to evaluate the results is three months.

We have not had major problems with pain after the procedure.  One person did have some major discomfort that resolved in about a week. We are also finding that people are truly having just about no downtime.  You may not hit the gym the day of the treatment, but you should be fine the next day.

Our status report is that all systems are “go!”  We are quite pleased with our investment into this technology and are having a lot of fun with our patients.  If you are interested give us a call.  If you have a special outfit you want to wear for New Year’s, now is the time to have this done.
All the best,
David B. Reath

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