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Don’t Dare discusses buttocks implants with Dr. Reath on “6 On Your Side”

From the WATE article)
The reality show “Extreme Makeover” has given ordinary people Cinderella-like experiences and influenced many to have elective plastic surgery. But some procedures are more risky than others, as a Newport woman recently learned.

6 On Your Side spoke with Dr. Reath about the procedure called buttocks augmentation. It’s considered one of the most complex of all cosmetic surgeries. Some doctors, including Dr. Reath, refuse to do it, due to complications and patient dissatisfaction. “Think of it, you sit on the area where the surgery was performed. You sit on the implants while you heal”, explains Dr. Reath.

6 On Your Side also spoke with the President Emeritus of the Tennessee Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. David Reath, about what to ask before having a procedure performed.”

I would ask him what his experience with this particular procedure is. If it’s a very common procedure, probably every plastic surgeon has good experience with it. If it’s something not as commonly done, then certain surgeons may have more experience or be more comfortable with that. In my own practice, if there is a procedure that I’m not comfortable with, I will tell the patient that and try to find someone who is comfortable with the procedure, if it’s appropriate”, Dr. Reath says.

To view the entire story with video click on:http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=7420560&nav=menu7_2_10

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