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Evolence Discontinued: We Got This One Right

In the category of what’s hot and what’s not- we got this one right. We’re talking Evolence, here ( think “not”, and not a “hot”). Evolence is an injectable filler agent used in the face to fill in lines. Well, it’s collagen rather than a hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm or Prevelle. And this particular collagen, Evolence, is derived from pigs. (We do use some collagen, but it’s human derived).

When this hit the markets last year, we decided not to bring this in. It really did not make sense to me. We had used a lot of animal collagen many years ago, but there was always a risk of reaction to it. So, we switched to human derived collagen. It didn’t make sense to me to head back to the pigs. (Now believe me, I’m not against pigs. I love ribs as much as the next guy. Smoked or baked, wet or dry, Calhoun’s or Rendez-vous…..but I digress.)

Turns out that this was a pretty good decision. Johnson and Johnson recently pulled this product from the market. Like overnight, it’s gone. Why? Well they really didn’t say. But if you look a bit deeper, there were a lot of complaints of lumps and bumps in the injection sites. And these weren’t going away. And people were very unhappy with this. Methinks this may be the real reason for the abrupt departure of Evolence.

Like I said, it’s nice to have gotten this one right. When we bring in a new product for use with our patients, understand that we carefully consider what the product is, where the science is, and what makes sense for our patients. If you are coming to us for injectables, know that we are doing our best to have what will work best for you. It is really about the relationship we have with you to know what works best, and what doesn’t; what’s safe and what isn’t; what’s hot and what’s not.

Here’s looking at you!

David B.

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