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Fit Friday Find: Jawbone Up

Heather McNealNext time you visit our office, you may notice some of our staff sporting little black bracelets and think “What’s up with that?” It’s called a “Jawbone Up” Our Aesthetician Heather McNeal explains why she loves it.

My new favorite thing ……………   Jawbone UP

What is it? A fitness tracking wristband that tracks your sleep, movement and what you eat to help you meet or maintain your fitness goals. Oh and it comes in many trendy colors!

How it works. It plugs right in to your smart phone and syncs your personal data instantly, instant gratification!

What I like about it. It keeps me focused on my goals and if I am sitting a little too long it will send me a friendly reminder, by gentle vibration of the wristband to get off my caboose. 😉

The best part. You can add friends to your “team” and compare stats……..A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!


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