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Circumferential Body Lift: From Weight Loss to “Wow!” a Reath Patient Story

Whenever we post new before and after photos on our website, we include a bit of information about the patient. Every now and then, we are truly honored that a patient will write about his or her experience with us and how this has affected their life.

Here is a patient who did the hard work through diet and exercise. I got to do the easy part. At a time when many of us are making New Year’s resolutions and struggling to keep them, she is an inspiration. I hope you will enjoy reading this and share my gratitude to our patient for her story about her journey, including the effects of her circumferential body lift.

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“For 20 years, I had been focused on growing my business and raising my son instead of on my health. Like a lot of women, after having my son and the crazy stresses of life, I had put on weight and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Also as a scientist, I am constantly on the go with travel making poor diet and exercise choices. Growing up I had always been a skinny, athletic person so this really affected my self-esteem.

I finally made the decision to refocus my life and lose the excess weight. With my physician’s help and a lot of time at the gym, I succeeded in dropping the majority of weight. However, I was left with a few problem areas such as excess skin around my waist and a lower abdomen that never looked toned no matter how many visits I had with my gym trainer. That is when I decided to see Dr. Reath and it changed my life.

I had a circumferential body lift to take care of the excess skin and repair my lower abdominal muscles that were damaged from the Caesarean section. I also had a breast lift and augmentation. Dr. Reath made me comfortable with the procedures and gave me back my body. The staff members were very caring and professional. I never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Since the surgery, my life has changed immensely. Now when I present at international conferences in front of large audiences, I do it with confidence and poise. Also, I met my amazing husband and got remarried last year. Life is truly a blessing and we need to make the most of what we are given! I am eternally grateful and I simply cannot thank Dr. Reath and his staff enough!”

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