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Why This Serum Is the Buzz In Our Office

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So it’s like this.  I’m getting ready for the day, when my wife Lisa says, “You have to try this! This is the coolest skin product ever!”  Well, I love my wife, but she can sometimes be (overly) enthusiastic about the things that she loves.  However, I am a good husband and do whatever I’m told (this generally applies to the office as well, where I work with eight women).  So I put a couple of squirts of our latest skin sensation on my face, and immediately could feel a difference. And then I looked in the mirror when I got to the office, and I actually saw a difference in how I looked.

So no matter what I had planned to blog about –Stop the presses!  It’s time to talk about Societe’s Intense Firming Complex.  I think we may have found crack for the skin! Let me tell you how we got hooked up.

We are always on the look out for new things, but things that work because there’s a lot of snake oil out there.  Our Societe rep sent our aesthetician an email about this product along with a before and after photo. She looked at the photos and assumed that the person pictured had a laser resurfacing procedure because the changes were so dramatic.  Christy’s no fool, so she wanted to see if this stuff was for real, and asked the rep to send us a sample.  The first person Christy tried this on, called from the parking lot after leaving our office and said she already was seeing a difference.  The next person Christy used this on accused her of holding out on her by not using the product before.  And then there’s this quote:

“I may have to sell some plasma…but that stuff is so good I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t of tried it. I kept looking in my mirror as I was driving and thinking, “WOW!” Finally, I thought, “Okay Snow White’s Stepmother, you’re going to have a wreck if you don’t pay attention to the road.”

Will you have to sell plasma to get this?  Doubtful.  But you will need to come by and pick this up from our office because you can’t get this in stores. (Or call us and we can ship it to you.)

So how does this work, and what does this do? Societe has combined many different peptides that help to tighten and firm the skin, as well as help to relax wrinkles.  A couple of them actually have similar actions to Botox and other wrinkle relaxers.  Usually I am quite skeptical about the power of topically applied substances.  But I’m convinced about this one (which is why I’m now using it twice a day).  But don’t take my word for it. — try it yourself.  Or, if you are coming in to see Christy, have her put some on for you.  But please, keep your eyes on the road as you’re driving home!

You can score some Intense Firming Complex at our office and through our online store.
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