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How To Get Christie Brinkley’s “Stay-Young Secret” At Home

People-Magazine-christie-brinkleyRemember Christie Brinkley? She is one of those people who seems to age gracefully and beautifully, which means she seems to not age at all. Recently she was featured on the cover of People Magazine looking fabulous at age 60 and she revealed “all her stay-young secrets”.The meat of the article is a section called How She Does It and talks about her beauty tricks, her fitness rules, what she eats and her fashion philosophy. And guess what her number one tip is?:

“Exfoliate Daily! I’ve done it since I read that guys look five years younger because they shave.”

No surprise here. Ever notice how the cheeks of most men look better than the rest of their skin? It’s because as a man shaves on a daily basis, he is exfoliating this area making the skin look more youthful. (I have even been told that Geisha women, who are known for their porcelain-like skin shave on a daily basis as well.)

So I’ve asked our go-to skin authority, also named Christy, (our wonderful aesthetician) to share here her favorite medical-strength exfoliating products. Using these products on a daily basis can really make a difference. (But I can’t promise you that they will make you look like Christie Brinkley.)

Here’s what she recommends to our patients along with links to find them in our new online store.

For Daily Exfoliation:

  • Bring it On Power Wash– Maximum-strength daily cleanser with exfoliating glycolic and lactic acids
  • OMG Gloss Rexturizing Cream- Multi task exfoliation with anti-aging benefits in a nightly cream that even sensitive skin can use. A staff favorite.

For Weekly Exfoliation:

  • Deep Thermal Cleanser– Gritty self-heating clay mask that lifts imbedded debris, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Monthly In-Office Treatment:

(In the article Christie mentions that she goes to her doctor’s office once a month and gets a special exfoliating facial. I am not sure if this is what Christie does, but it’s surely what gets the best results for our patients.)

Hydrafacial MD– In-office exfoliating facial treatment that reduces signs of aging while hydrating and illuminating the skin.

All the best,
Dr. David B. Reath

David B. Reath, MD

PS: If you’re curious about her other beauty secrets, you can read the article here.

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