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Important Letter From Dr. Reath

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For the last 35 years, I have enjoyed the practice of plastic surgery in Knoxville, Tennessee.

It is my pleasure and privilege to have been entrusted with your care. In order for my practice to move ahead, I am partnering with a group of plastic surgeons in Charlotte, whom I respect and admire. This change will allow me and my staff to continue to do what we love to do best: taking care of you.

The ownership change will be mostly behind the scenes and will not affect our usual care for you. However, the one noticeable change will be the name of our office. On January 1st, we will be re-named “HKB Knoxville.” The initials represent three plastic surgeons who are not only my personal friends but are plastic surgeons respected around the world: Drs. Joe Hunstad, Bill Kortesis, and Gaurav Bharti.

We are excited to become part of a larger family of like-minded plastic surgeons in the Southeast. Although I will no longer be the owner and manager of my practice, I will still be involved in your care and how you are treated.

As of January 1st, your medical records will be transferred to HKB Knoxville and will be under their custodial care going forward. Should you need a copy of your records or need to send a copy to another provider, you can do so by stopping by the office and completing the necessary forms or having the other provider send an authorized request to the office.

As these changes take place, several important things will not change. My office will still be open in its current location. Our services will remain unchanged. You will continue to see and work with members of my staff whom you have come to know and trust. And I will continue to operate and care for patients.

For my practice to grow and thrive going forward, a new plastic surgeon will eventually join me in practice. Our commitment is to find a surgeon who shares our goals of compassionate, quality patient care. Someone you will come to know and trust.

Change can be intimidating for all of us, even when the changes are positive. However, all of us are excited about these changes and what it means for the life of our practice. While maintaining the normal way we care for you, we are evolving into a practice that will extend long into the future and after my eventual retirement. This is how I can best take care of you now and in the future.

I look forward to seeing you in the office.
All the best,

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David B. Reath, M. D.

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