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Instant Breasts For Special Occasions….Really?

temporary breastsThis week an article surfaced in the New York Times about temporary breast enlargement with the injection of saline into the breasts. And before you ask, no I will not be doing this.

It appears that there is a demand for temporary breast enlargement for that special party, social affair or wedding day. Did I just say that, Wedding Day? Yup. As you might surmise from my tone here, I am not a fan. (And I actually had been contacted by this reporter through the ASPS about this article.) I had never heard of this before then, and after reading the article, I still think it is not a great idea. Perhaps this plays in Manhattan, but not so much in Knoxville.

Before You Go Calling Your Fairy Godmother
First of all, will it hurt the breasts? Probably not. Maybe some bruising, some pain, and possibly some stretching of the skin. Will it look realistic? Hard to say. Certainly it would not feel realistic like breast implants will.

Most importantly, will it last? Probably only for a couple of hours or an evening. As soon as the saline is injected into the breasts, it will begin to be absorbed and should be pretty much gone in 24 hours. So, for the blushing bride I would suggest a short wedding service and an early departure from the reception in order to have the blissful wedding night as planned.

But, if what the article says is true, there is a plastic surgeon in New York City who will be happy enough to do this for a mere $3500. And one person had this done twice. That’s enough to fly down to Knoxville, have the real operation (breast augmentation with silicone implants) spend a couple of nights and fly home again. We’ll even throw a visit to Dollywood. Now far be it from me to accuse one of my esteemed colleagues of ripping off the public, but if the shoe fits…

Bibbity Bobboty.. Boobs?
Basically, I find this a silly idea more than anything else. And, if you want to indulge yourself with such a thing, be my guest. Just make sure you get home by midnight before your beautiful carriages turn back to pumpkins!

All the best,
David B.

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