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Introducing Jessica V. Walker, M.D.

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Introducing Jessica V. Walker, M.D.

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As most of you know, there have been some big changes in my practice. We are now HKB Knoxville, and I will be retiring in January 2023. But the biggest news is that we have a new plastic surgeon, Dr. Jessica Vavra Walker, who is joining our practice on August 15th!

I am both thrilled and excited to have Dr. Walker become a part of our practice family. She is a great addition and someone you will really want to get to know.

Jessica is drawn to this area for several reasons. She was born in rural Ohio and is truly a country girl at heart in all the best ways. I mean, she loves Dolly Parton – need I say more?

She is active outside and loves East Tennessee. Her husband is a native of Kingston, where he practices dentistry. They met while in Louisville, Kentucky, and married within the last year.

So, what about her creds? Let me fill you in. She attended college in Akron, Ohio, and went to Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. She stayed in the area for five years of general surgery training before starting her Plastic Surgery Fellowship in Louisville, Kentucky. She did three years there before doing an additional year in Lexington, where she is finishing up now. Needless to say, Jessica is exceedingly well trained.

Jessica has a keen interest in aesthetic surgery and will be a great fit for our practice. Like me, she really digs breast and body work. She will bring a fresh, new outlook to our work and yet will maintain the same level of care and concern that has been so important to you.

We will be working closely together over the next five to six months to create a smooth transition of the physician leadership in our practice, which is something we are both excited about.

Jessica and her husband Josh have one child: a German Shepherd named Crockett (as in Davey). And, like me, she is an avid Peloton Rider.

With Dr. Walker’s addition to the practice, the future of HKB Knoxville is bright and secure. We will be here for many years to come, providing you with the same quality of care you have come to know and enjoy.

All the best,

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