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Medical Insurance May Not Be Enough: That’s why we have CosmetAssure.

Cosmetassure logoAnother way we care for our patients: CosmetAssure
Complications after cosmetic surgery are rare, thankfully, but they can occur as with any type of surgery. Many people are surprised to learn that the majority of major medical health insurance policies now exclude treatment of medical complications if those complications are a result of an elective aesthetic surgical procedure. All of our cosmetic surgery patients who are eligible are enrolled in the ASPS-endorsed CosmetAssure program which covers the cost of caring for complications after cosmetic surgery. It is included in the cost of each surgery.

We are the first plastic surgeon’s office in the Knoxville area to provide this important insurance to cosmetic surgery patients. I explain why on the video and announce the winner of this week’s Truth-O-Meter Tuesday question:

Cosmetic Surgery Insurance Medical Insurance May Not Be Enough.
Cosmetic Surgery Insurance can help.
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