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Meet David Watson, Founder of Glowbiotics MD

Glowbiotics MD productWe’re big fans of Glowbiotics MD and were thrilled to be the first office in East Tennessee to offer Glowbiotics MD Advanced Probiotic Skin Care and their Probiotic Youthboost Treatment. Glowbiotics MD is the first medical skin care line to feature topical probiotic bioactives.

David Watson

Photo Courtesy of Liza Morong.

Imagine our delight when we discovered that the founder of this fabulous brand is none other than David Watson, our dear friend who launched Biomedic, the first skin care products we ever used.

Since David was just presented with the Presidential Award for Distinguished Service by the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists, we thought this would be a perfect time to share our interview with him in the latest Your Beauty Magazine.

Congratulations David!

The reason I got back into the skin care business was that I saw a real void in the marketplace for people who wanted results but that did not want to have stress on their skin anymore. This is a real issue for people undergoing any kind of cancer treatment, thyroid disease and a myriad of other health concerns but there was just nothing out there. I went back to our scientist and I asked him how to formulate products that are not going to cause injury to the skin, but will give a woman a result that she is going to want in a relatively short period of time.

Yes. He introduced us to the world of probiotics and I was very skeptical to begin with, so I did a bit more research and talked to a couple of leading experts and I became a believer really quickly. As I started seeing the results over a longer period of time of people that have been using probiotics in skin care I became even more of a believer.

When your skin detects bacteria it starts a process of healing and it does not differentiate between whether it is good or bad bacteria. It just sees it and begins reacting, a wound healing response that actually builds collagen and elastin in the skin.

Okay, so a probiotic does not need to be alive to be active to the skin. You can have a dead bacteria that still has activity. It is just the way the bacteria is made up and it is the way the skin recognizes the bacteria. Whether it is a live organism or a dead organism, it is still a bacteria to the skin. Our bodies are very smart and our skin is about survival. If the skin detects any danger it goes into immediate protection mode. Take the sun, for example. When we get too much sun your skin gets red, it burns. Why? Because the skin is telling you “get out of the sun, dummy, you are hurting me”. This is like what’s happening with probiotics except you’re not really causing an injury and the reaction is one that we want, rebuilding the skin from within.

When we introduced the Probiotic Youthboost Treatment into the market, people compared it to the chemical peels we used in the Biomedic days and all the other brands out there now. They are used to associating redness, peeling and irritation with results. And we have a real challenge teaching them that you are actually saving the skin from the inside out instead of injuring it to create that wound response using chemicals or lasers.

Chemical peels certainly have their place, but they don’t have to be your only skin care strategy. If you are going to exfoliate the top layer of skin off your face, add a layer beneath by doing a Youthboost first. By all means, do your peels, but alternate your treatments with a Youthboost in between.

When we started Biomedic quite frankly we primarily focused in dermatology. Very quickly we saw that plastic surgeons like Dr. Reath changed the market because they took more time with their patients and they taught their patients more. A derm’s office is a bit different in that it just rotates patients in and out quite quickly. Whereas we had plastic surgeons actually introducing skincare specialists into their practices. The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Skin Care Specialists group was the first and no one had really done that before, so we were very instrumental in how the medical skin care industry got shaped.

A DNA/Microarray analysis measures all the way down to the individual gene. Some genes we want to upregulate, and others we want to turn down. We actually use this testing to design and make changes to our products before launching them, rather than after the fact. This is a very long and expensive process as you can imagine. I only know of three companies currently that use DNA/Microarray testing in this way, but it really allows us to see what gene we are affecting and how we are affecting it. Most rely on results from their raw material vendors, which is the standard in the industry.


There were nine people testing the pads and every single one of them were like junkies. When they would run out or be getting close to running out they would be in with their hands out because we had such a limited supply. It was almost like drugs in our office. It became really hilarious and they were all buttering us up like “Oh you guys are great” and I was like “What do you want?”“We need more pads.” It was hilarious. Honestly, it got like that.

So the Glowbiotics Pads, they have brightening ingredients, allow probiotics in and provide a very minor exfoliation with lactic acid, which is very, very non-stressful to the face. So when you try them you are going to notice “wow, my skin feels instantly tighter.” After the first use, you are going to be like “Whoopee this is pretty cool.”
Glowbiotics Pads $49

I am glad to hear you say that. Again, this goes back to the testing we do. The most important thing is we do not want to trigger any MMP response. That is your inflammatory set of genes which are going to create irritation on your skin. So all of our products are measured as to the irritation level and that is why it took us two years before we launched the second product. We really had to play with formula. The other thing is that because we developed a better delivery system there is less of a chance you are going to get irritation. It is like using an old Motorola flip phone versus the iPhone 6. There have been many advances since we started.

Oh gosh. Listen, the most exciting part is when I have people like yourself call me and say we are gaga over this line. We have really hit on something here. I have tried every other product I could use. It was without having any of the fun stuff. I can finally use it and I am getting a result. I am not getting irritated. You know, that is exactly what I want to hear back.
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