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More Unreal Reality TV: TLC’s Plastic Wives

plastic wives

From the same channel that has brought you such classics as Hoarding: Buried AliveToddlers and Tiaras, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, comes a new classic: Plastic Wives from TLC. While this new show has yet to air, the promo trailer gives you a pretty good idea of where this one is going.

The show is about four “plastic” wives, women married to plastic surgeons. One is married to a plastic surgeon (and yes, he’s board certified), one is married to a gynecologist, one to a cosmetic dentist, and the last is an ex-wife of a plastic surgeon (again, board certified, ugh!).

Now, if I were to get picky, which you know I would never do about such fine broadcast journalism, I would point out that only one of these is the wife of a plastic surgeon. (If this were a football game we’d penalize them 5 yards for a false start.)

The Low Down
According to the promo, Plastic Wives will regale you with tales of how many operations and reoperations each of these women have had. One lady has a stripper pole in her living room (don’t we all), another is bathing in rose petals with added champagne (don’t think the champagne was too good, so no foul here), and another was carrying her labia around in a jar of formalin (that’s at least 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct and possible ejection from the game).

We also get to see the classy side of some of the docs like one of who only remembers the appearance of a women by her vagina and not her face (OK, that’s an ejection from the game!)

Yes, I’m Concerned
While there may be a modicum of entertainment here, the concern I have is that anyone watching would think that all spouses of plastic surgeons are absolute floozies. And, note that I said spouses. Most of the spouses of my colleagues, both wives and husbands, are very real, accomplished people. They include doctors, business leaders, nurses, dieticians, and some of the best practice managers I have ever met. This is not to say that the women depicted on this show are not accomplished in their own ways but it would be hard to know since this portrayal casts them in a much more dubious light.

One of the topics the show appears to cover is how much cosmetic surgery each of these ladies have had done. From the looks of some of them, they’ve had plenty and in some cases too much. For at least one of them there is the stereotypic look of overdone plastic surgery. Do spouses of plastic surgeons have cosmetic surgery? Sure, they are no different than anyone else. But do they live on the operating table? No!

I write this out of respect and concern for my wife and the spouses of my colleagues. You will not see these folks on this type of show, nor would they ever want to be. They are valued partners who seriously support the careers of plastic surgeons and pursue their own lives with great care and professionalism. This, however, is not the kind of thing that reality TV is looking for. And why is this? Because that would be real. ‘Nuff said.

All the best,
David B.

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