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Movies = Great Entertainment + Not-Great Plastic Surgery Info

Plastic Surgery in the Movies
This has been great season for fabulous movies. We are now five for five in terms of seeing really good movies, and I can’t remember the last time that has happened! Which were they? Glad you asked: The Blind Side, Up in the Air, Invictus, It’s Complicated, and Avatar. These were all great movies and all highly recommended. I really wasn’t going to see Avatar, until I heard such great things about it. We saw it last night – 3-D, IMAX, and all. Really, really fabulous. Cameron has now completely reset the bar on special effects. Anyone currently making a movie heavily dependent on special effects is no doubt really singing the blues after they see this one.

Anyway, if you’re seeing movies, watching TV or reading books, there are always references to plastic surgery. Usually these are pretty humorous, and usually pretty inaccurate. So, lest people leave It’s Complicated with the wrong ideas, I thought it best to set the record straight. So, here’s how it went down. Without giving away the whole plot (no spoiler alert needed), let me set the stage for you.

The character played by Meryl Streep, is a divorcee who is struggling a bit with her age. So, she goes to see a plastic surgeon. She asks for upper eyelid surgery on just one eye (not likely). And she is told that what she really needs is a brow lift (OK, with this, happens a lot). She is then told that she will be cut all the way across the top of the head, have staples from ear to ear, and will have a headache for 3 to 6 months. Any surprise that she ran from the office and fled the building? Don’t think so.

Now, in keeping with giving you the best information about brow lifts, allow me to set the record straight by telling you that some, but not all, brow lifts have an incision across the top of your head, I never close these with staples, and you do not have a head ache for 3 to 6 months! In fact, some people have get muscle tension headaches from trying to raise up their eyebrows with the forehead muscles which are improved or eliminated by a brow lift. Take that Hollywood!

Read any good books lately? There is a really intriguing Swedish author, Stieg Larrson, who has written a trilogy of books (all of which are being published posthumously, unfortunately). The first two are out in this country and have topped the best seller list (the third, out in Europe, is highly awaited in this country). One should also be aware that these are PG -13 reads (at least). The main female protagonist is recovering from having had a breast augmentation in the beginning of the second book.

And, for those of you who have read it, I wanted to let you know that this operation does not cost $30,000, and you don’t have to go to a clinic out of the country to have it done. The cost is less that one sixth of this amount. So, if you were thinking about having this done, you don’t have to save quite this much. And there’s always CareCredit.

And speaking of CareCredit, let’s look at last year’s black comedy Burn after Reading. The whole plot, and all the twists and murders that stem from this, begin because Linda Litzke, played by Frances McDormand, wants to have plastic surgery and does not have the money for it. When she finds she here insurance company will not pay for this (duh), she then decides to sell what she believes are intelligence secrets to the Russia embassy (this can’t end well) in order to get the money. If she had only applied for CareCredit, both Brad Pitt and George Clooney would still be alive, at least the characters they played (I think John Malkovich was going to get it anyway).

Entertainment is great, humorous and much needed. But do me a favor, don’t get your plastic surgery information from the movies! Give me a call instead.

David B.

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