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New Trend: Patients Having “Work” To Find Work

Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Interviewed in Financial Post
As many of you may know, I was away in Canada for the better part of  a week at the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) meeting in Toronto. It was a long time to be away, but a good meeting.  (And Toronto is a great city to visit, stay at the Hazelton Hotel, and definitely have dinner at Note Bene.)

While there I was interviewed by a reporter from the Canadian Financial Post.  The article is about how people are using plastic surgery to maintain their competitive edge in the world of business.  And while plastic surgery cannot get you a job as such, many people feel that they are more competitive if their look is a little fresher or younger.  Certainly this is something that we have seen in our practice.  Whether it’s someone re-entering the work place, someone who wants to look better in front of the camera, or someone who is concerned with looking angry or concerned (Hello, Botox!), we see this as well.

As I mentioned in the article, much of the increase has been with minimally invasive procedures such as fillers and Botox due to their price point and the lack of recovery time.  Others are willing to have more significant results with more involved operations such as facelifts.

The other trends I think we are seeing is more men having these procedures, and people who have had large amounts of weight loss and need to rid themselves of excess skin.

This is one of many motivations for having plastic surgery.  The most important aspect though, is to be doing it for yourself: to make you feel better about how you look.  While a fresher appearance is no substitute for competence and experience, confidence in how you look can’t hurt!

Here is a link to the article Karen Mazurkewich wrote which was published in the Financial Post last Saturday called “Lifting Their Game”.

All the best,

David B.

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