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Our Most Fun Holiday Promotion….Ever!

Welcome Back Reath Reward-O-Ments.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and– for the most part– the turkey dinners are digested, our thoughts move on to Christmas. What my office staff and I enjoy most about this season is giving. I am sure that I get as much joy out of finding and giving a present to someone as they get when they receive it.

So for this Christmas season, we are bringing back a real treat for you: Reath Reward-O-Ments. This is a mash-up of our Reath Rewards program, the holiday spirit, and Christmas tree ornaments. The office staff is about as excited with this as they are with anything we’ve ever come up with. Natasha explains all about it in the video.

More fun than a Red Rider BB Gun.

The Christmas tree in our office is decorated with a variety of eight different ornaments. (Hopefully they will still be there, because the staff really think they’re cute, and I can just see one of them sneaking in over the weekend to “borrow” a few for their trees!)

Inside each of these is surprise — anything from free movie tickets to a gift certificate to a local restaurant, to something from our store. Once you pick an ornament from the tree, you check what’s inside, and you get to keep the ornament. Cool, right?  We’ll have them until Christmas as long as the supplies last.

Our Most Fun Holiday Promotion...Ever

Santa knows you’ve been good this year.

Reath Reward-O-Ments are a gift with any non-surgical purchase of $250 or more which includes products, skin care procedures, laser treatments, injectable wrinkle treatments and fillers (including Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Voluma.) This year we’re also including Reath Reward-O-Ments for CoolSculpting procedures too.

Fine Print (and there’s always fine print): There is a one ornament limit per person per day. Supplies are very limited (no kidding, here) so don’t leave this to the last minute.

Also…. you will still earn Reath Rewards points on your qualifying purchase, (but you may not use Reath Rewards to get your Reward-O-Ment).

But don’t worry about the rules, we’ll explain them to you when you come in.  This is just our way of having some fun, and sharing our Christmas spirit with you.


All the best, and Ho, Ho, Ho!
Dr. David B. Reath


(And, no — I do not look like Santa Claus!)

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