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Plastic Surgery: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.

Reasons Not to Have Plastic SurgeryI had really hoped that the whole hoopla about Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeries would have blown over by now, but it still seems to capture the attention of many people.  And this is really too bad.  Because her experience is as unreal as her look. (Did I just say that?)  Once again, this (and the media attention it draws) makes what I do as a plastic surgeon look pretty weird, pretty out there, pretty much something you wouldn’t want to do.

I guess the big thing for me, is that the people I see on a day to day basis, still want to look like themselves.  Sure, they want changes, but they don’t want to look like someone else, and they certainly don’t want to have an “affected” look.  For instance, many people are very leery about having a facelift because they assume that their faces will look distorted and unreal.  But the best facelifts are the ones that are hardest to detect.  Reason being, the  person still looks like themselves — just a bit fresher, or a bit younger.

A natural look, whether it comes to your face, or body proportions is what I am trying to achieve for the people that I see and consult with.  While there are a few people who tell me that they want to have a certain part of their body look “fake” (guess which part this is), most people want their bodies to be in proportion.  And when it comes to how clothing is designed, this really works the best.

There will always be people who push the edge of the envelope.  This is not always bad, because this is how we discover new things.  But in other cases, this can just be too much.  Like I said, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Here’s looking at you,

David B.

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