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Plastic Surgery Reality Check: Say “NO” to the Toe

Say no to the toeEver heard about “toe-besity?” Well, I hadn’t until recently either. It’s a cute little phrase used by a few podiatrists who are operating on toes to allow women (and men) to be more pleased with the appearance of their feet. It involves operating on and changing the structure of the toes so they can wear certain shoes that don’t fit their feet. This phenomenon is being referred to as plastic surgery for the toes.

OK, this is really happening — no joke. Because when I first heard of this, my though was: really?

And apparently the majority of podiatrists feel the same way.  Messing around with the feet unnecessarily is inviting trouble. And anyone who has ever had an injury to a foot or toe, will tell you how difficult it is to deal with.  And it’s not like these guys are removing a toe nail, they are cutting out a portion of one of the bones of the foot. Or removing fat, Or even injecting fat, which is really interesting  because your podiatrist has to first get the fat through performing liposuction.  A show of hands please: how many of you want a podiatrist doing liposuction on you?

Some may ask if this is really any different than doing breast augmentation for women who aren’t happy with the shape or size of their breasts. All you are doing is improving the appearance of a part of the body, right?  The answer to this one is really simple: you don’t walk on your breasts! 

The pursuit of toe cleavage is fraught with a lot more problems than the pursuit of chest cleavage.

So my friends, this is a reality check for you if you are thinking about it.  In my opinion, this is not plastic surgery: say no to the toes.

All the best,

David B.

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