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Plastic Surgery Stats: How do we stack up?

Plastic Surgery StatisticsRecently both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS — sorry about the alphabet soup!) have come out with their statistics for procedures performed in 2009. Each of these stats are pretty much the same, but what is of interest to me is how do we here, in Knoxville, compare to the nation at large.

Well, we’re all in agreement with the number one operation: breast enlargement.  I think the reason for this is quite simple: the is a very successful operation that predictably gives the patient what she wants, with a reasonable recovery time.  The number two spot goes to either liposuction or rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) depending upon whose statistics you like.  For us, it’s liposuction.  Nationally, number three is eyelid surgery, followed by tummy tucks.  We would flip these two, as we are doing more tummy tucks than eyelids.  But, all in all, we seem to be doing about what the rest of the plastics surgeons in our country in are doing.  However, there is just a little more emphasis on body operations for us, which really reflects our local population.

Non-surgical procedures are on the increase here, as in other places.  The number one spot is owned by Botox, and number two goes to fillers (such as Juvederm,  Radiesse,  or Prevelle).  If you ask my nurse injector, she’ll tell you that we are right in line with this.  The next treatments in terms of frequency are: laser hair removal, microdermabrasion (for us it’s vibraderms), and laser skin treatments.  And we are in line with these as well.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing to me, is that — in spite of our difficult economic times — the number of procedures done in 2009 is not much different from 2008. In fact, some have increased.  The only explanation for this is that the operations and treatments that we are doing are important to our patients, and are improving their quality of life.  Whether it’s helping women fit into clothing better, or allowing a man to take off his shirt without being self-conscious, or restoring the shape of a woman’s body after children — these operations have value, and these operations make a difference.  And, quite honestly, this is what gets me out of bed each morning.

My best to you all,

David B.

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