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Plastic Surgery Wins at the Academy Awards

plastic surgery documentary wins academy award

Last night’s Academy Awards went pretty much as predicted.  Kudos to The Artist.  But there was one winner that really got my attention: Best Short Documentary: Saving Face.  This is a great story and one in which plastic surgery plays a leading role.

Briefly, this is about two Pakistani women who are victims of acid violence, and the London based, Pakistani born plastic surgeon Mohammad Jawad who helps to reconstruct their faces.  Each year over 100 people, mostly women, are injured in Pakistan when acid is thrown on them, a common form of domestic violence.  Resultant injures are horrific, and most of these cases go unreported. Dr. Jawad works to help reconstruct the faces of these women such that they can rejoin society.  The film’s director, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy says that this is a positive story in two ways.  First it features the work of Dr Jawad to help the women of his homeland.  And secondly, the film follows in depth the parliament’s passage of a bill against acid violence.

All too frequently when one thinks of plastic surgery and the Academy Awards the subject is who has recently had a facelift or who has had too much Botox.  But this is a story about the other side of plastic surgery: reconstructive surgery.  The majority of all plastic surgeons do a great deal of this.  And many do so through charities.  Featuring this work and the impact it has on the lives of those people who have been affected by injury or disease is a tremendous story.  And while I am sure that Dr. Jawad is very gratified to see his work so honored, his greater reward is seeing the impact of his work on the lives of these women.

Congratulations to everyone associated with this effort, and many thank to the Academy for recognizing this work!

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