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Stats: College Students Who Exercise Get Better Grades

Good Grades
I caught wind of a couple of interesting studies presented at the 57th annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.  And wouldn’t you know that they provide more evidence of the benefits of being in shape.  However, this time they showed improvements in academic performance.

The first study looked at college students, which is interesting since most studies looking at this issue have dealt with younger students (elementary or middle school students).  The finding was that students who exercised vigorously for 20 minutes a day, seven days a week, had a grade point average (GPA) that was 0.4  higher, on a 4.0 scale, than students who did not exercise.  So perhaps a little more time on the treadmill, and not just with the books, will make a difference.  With two of my kids still in college, you can bet that this study will make the rounds at home!

The other study did, in fact, deal with younger students, 6th graders.  Here, students who met cardiovascular fitness standards were six times more likely to meet or exceed reading standards, and two and-a-half times more likely to meet or exceed math standards.  What’s even more interesting here is that as schools have become more focused on meeting standardized test standards, money and time has been taken away from physical activity programs – that is to say, sports.  Perhaps these efforts need to be rethought.

Do you have kids that could be affected by these studies?  Probably we all do. So spread the word, and let’s help get our families in shape.  Wanna start this weekend?

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David B.

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