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The Presents That Can’t Be Wrapped

One of the things that I have always loved about this time of the year is the gathering of friends and families.  (I know: you probably thought it was figgy pudding  — but what is figgy pudding, anyway?) Reunions and homecomings seem to be the order of the season. It is time when our kids come home and we reunite as a family.  As they have grown older and have gone to college and beyond, they are more independent and not around as much.  While this is the natural order of things, we miss them when they are not around, and always look forward to their returning home.

We also get to enjoy the homecomings of our friends’ children as well.  And, of course, parties and get-togethers abound.   There are probably more joyous celebrations and expressions of love in this season than any other.  And, being the hopeless romantic that I am (my wife would say “hopeful romantic”), I love it all.

These reunions are not limited to family and friends.  But this is also a time of year when we see many people in our office whom we have not seen in a while.  Whether its time for a follow-up visit, time for something else, or time to purchase a gift for someone else, we get to see a lot of you.  And this is one of the real gifts of the season.

My hope for you is that this is, among other things, a season of wonderful reunions and homecomings with families, friends, and those you have not seen in a while.

Merry Christmas!

David B.

P.S. Can you feel the love?

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