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Together we did beautiful things!

Dear Friends:
As many of you know, our office staff felt the need  to do something very different this year to celebrate the holidays. So we decided to donate ten percent of all non-surgical sales for the month of December to our two favorite charities. We really tapped into a spirit of giving that resonated with our patients. It was an incredible success and really made a difference in the Knoxville community.

Thanks to our wonderful patients, our office donated enough money to FISH Hospitality Pantries to feed 618 hungry Knoxville families of four for three days. In addition, thousands were contributed to Florence Crittenton Agency to support their wonderful efforts on behalf of teenagers suffering from abuse and neglect. On behalf of our entire office staff, FISH Hospitality Pantries, and the Florence Crittenton Agency, you have our deep appreciation. Thank you for your support!

fishFISH Hospitality Pantry is a local hunger ministry, and a favorite charity of mine. They have several distribution centers that provide food for those in need. Over fifty local churches are involved and together FISH feeds about 11,000 hungry families each month. And they do this with great economic efficiency.  Through bulk buying and gifts of food, five dollars will feed a family of four for three days. Our entire office staff spent a morning helping to distribute healthly food to those in need. We’d be honored to tell you more about the good work FISH is doing here in Knoxville, and how you can help.

Most of us, when we hear about Florence Crittenton, think of the home for unwed mothers.  However, the agency is much, much more.  Founded in the late 1800’s, this has been a place for teenage girls who have been neglected and abused, many of whom are pregnant. These women are clothed, housed, educated, and cared for in a structured environment.  For these girls, this is a home– a safe and loving place– that they have never before had in their lives. Our staff toured Florence Crittenton’s lovely campus, and met some of the girls in residence. We came back inspired to help them and hope you will too.

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