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Top Plastic Surgery Trends: 2017 and Beyond


I hope 2016 has been a good year for you, because it’s been a great year for our practice in so many ways. At this time of the year I like to reflect back over the past year with an eye to the future to take stock of where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Here are the top trends I’ve seen this year and what I expect we’ll be seeing in 2017.

The Best of Skin Careskin-pen

It’s all about the SkinPen.

If you’re having trouble getting in to see our aesthetician, Christy, it’s certainly because of the popularity and effectiveness of her SkinPen treatment. It literally exploded this last year and that’s because the results are so good.

For 2017, I predict we will see the incorporation of the SkinPen into a more comprehensive approach to rejuvenating the skin. Expect to see SkinPen used in conjunction with Hydrafacials, Laser Genesis, and Probiotic Youthboost treatments. Did someone say Trinity treatment? With all this, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that Christy will be even more busy in the coming year.


MyBody becomes Glowbiotics MD

2017 sees a big re-branding for our favorite skin care line. These will be the same fantastic skin care products we’ve come to expect from MyBody but with different packaging and the new name. We’ve spoken with David Watson who is the head of Glowbiotics about this and he wanted to focus more on the probiotic-derived aspects of this skin care line. It makes sense because this is what makes these products so effective. This transition should be easy and Tressa and Cassina are ready to help with your product selection.

What’s Up With Injectable Wrinkle Treatments

New Fillers Provide More Options

Each year we see an increase in the use of fillers and neurotoxins, i.e. Botox. The world of Botox hasn’t changed a great deal but the demand for it continues to grow. What has changed is Allergan’s introduction of Voluma – a long term filler/volume enhancer, and Vobella – a newly formulated hyaluronic acid product for fine lines around the lips. Both of these products have been great additions to our filler line up, and our nurse injector loves them!


CoolSculpting is More Popular Than Ever

New Areas to Nonsurgically Remove Fat: The Neck and the Armpit Puffs

There has been a lot of attention paid to the neck this year with the emergence of two non-invasive technologies for neck fat reduction: Kybella to dissolve the fat, and a new applicator for CoolSculpting to reduce fat through cryolipolysis. By far our favorite is the new CoolSculpting Mini. Not only is the CoolMini great for the neck, it can also treat the fat near the armpits or the “pit puffs” as we fondly call it. Natasha is probably using the “mini” as much as any of the other CoolSculpting applicators. For 2017, I expect these areas to grow. Actually, the demand will grow but the areas shrink 🙂


Facial Procedures Are Making a Comeback

Selfies Increasing Demand for Facial Surgeries

As the new non-surgical approaches have come to the forefront, the more traditional treatments of the neck with either a neck lift or a facelift have seen a bit of an uptick. As long as we keep taking selfies and keep face timing with people, we will be more and more aware of how our neck looks. I expect this will continue to fuel the demand for these procedures going forward into 2017.

Fat Injections Add Volume to Facelifts.

As we address facial aging, the surgical “go-to” is a facelift. The goal of this operation is the restore the look of a younger face by putting things back to where they were before gravity got ahold of them. Mainly we’re talking repositioning facial fat (with skin excision). In many people there is not only a movement of fat over time, but an overall fat loss with aging. (Think of how someone like Clint Eastwood’s face looks now compared to his earlier career.) This can lead to a flatter face devoid of adequate volume even after a facelift. The solution is to replace some of this fat during the facelift so that we are both lifting and filling. This is relatively easily done and only requires a couple cc’s of fat to make a big difference. This trend will definitely continue.

Trends in Breast and Body Surgery

Silicone is in.

Silicone breast implants for breast augmentations and breast lifts remain the implant of choice. We are using fewer and fewer saline implants and the silicone implants continue to improve. Allergan has made a subtle change to their cohesive gel implants (slightly more fill to them) which have only made them better. I see someday in the not too distant future that people will no longer be affected by the FDA’s brouhaha over silicone implants in the late 1980’s. As I look forward to 2017 there appears to be no reason why breast augmentations will not continue to be our most common operation, and Mandi agrees.


No More Muffin Tops

Muffin tops are great for breakfast, not for jeans, right? When CoolSculpting erupted onto the scene, the muffin tops came into sharp focus because of how well they could fit into the applicator. For the right patient, the results are a big improvement. I know because I’ve had it done. And, yes, my photos are on our website.

We have also seen an increased focus on treating the muffin top with tummy tucks (the muffinator) by surgically removing this area as an extension of the tummy tuck incision. The Muffinator is for patients with excess skin that needs to be removed, which can’t be done by CoolSculpting. Let’s face it, the jeans gotta look good in the front and the back.

Also, be on the lookout for the fourth edition of our magazine Your Beauty, which should hit the stands mid-January. (Thanks, Lisa!) To make sure you get your free copy when it comes out, just fill out the form here and we’ll pop it in the mail to you right away.

All of us feel blessed to work together and to be able to take care of our wonderful patients. We all wish you the best for a happy and healthy 2017!

Dr. David B. Reath




David B. Reath, MD

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