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Top Ten Signs You’re in The Wrong Place For Your Plastic Surgery

It seems that plastic surgery in on a lot of people’s minds; it always seems to be on my mind, but that’s a different story entirely.  But as more and more people are thinking about having plastic surgery, where you have it done, and who is doing it, is very important.  So, with apologies to David Letterman, here are the top ten signs that you are in the wrong place to have plastic surgery.
Number 10: Your doctor gets defensive when discussing his training and credentials.
If the “plastic surgeon” you are seeing starts to dance around what his training and credentials are, you may not be seeing a plastic surgeon. Time to dance right out of that office.


Number 9: Their website is all about 1 procedure, nothing about the doctor.
This probably means that, again, you are not seeing a plastic surgeon. Rather, the doctor you are seeing may have only been trained in a single operation, like liposuction or some franchised type of facelift operation.  Well, as they say, if the all you have is a hammer, the whole world’s a nail.


Number 8:   Your doctor suggests “awake plastic surgery”
There are some operations that can be safely performed with the patient being awake, this is known as local anesthesia.  However, doing an operation “awake” that should be done under a general anesthetic, or with an anesthesiologist administering and monitoring the level of sedation, can be dangerous.  Also, this doctor may not have privileges to do this operation in a hospital or accredited operating room.


Number 7:   You are in a spa
You’re having plastic surgery, not getting you nails done!  Nuff said.


Number 6:   Instead of a breast lift, your doctor wants to use bigger implants.
Here’s the deal, if you need a breast lift — you need a breast lift.  Putting in bigger implants in order to avoid a lift, just doesn’t work.  You  just will end up with bigger, sagging breasts.  Most plastic surgeons know this.


Number 5:   The quote you received is much less than other plastic surgeons in your area.
You have to ask yourself why you are getting such a low-ball price.  While this is not always true, you frequently get what you pay for.  Most plastic surgeons in a given area will be pretty close in pricing.  Would you buy a discount parachute?  Just saying…………..


Number 4:   The doctor has an operating room in his/her office, but it is not certified or accredited.
All American Society of Plastic Surgeons member surgeons pledge to perform operations only in certified or accredited operating rooms. This is a safety issue.  If a surgeon has not spent the time and money to get their office operating room certified by one of several agencies, he/she has not invested in your safety.


Number 3:  The doctor rushes you and doesn’t take time to answer your questions.
What you are considering is totally elective.  If you aren’t getting the information you need to really understand what you are thinking about having done, then find someone who will spend this time with you.


Number 2:  The doctor tells you tries to “upsell” by suggesting procedures you don’t want.
Occasionally I will suggest something to a patient that is not exactly what they are interested in, but usually it’s related to the operation they are interested in, and it may end up giving them a better result.  But, if the doctor starts telling you that you need something that is totally unrelated to your primary concern, and something that you don’t want; think twice before proceeding.


And the number one sign you are in the wrong place for your plastic surgery…
Drum Roll Please…….

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