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True Confessions: Glowbiotics Pads Have Spoiled Me For Life

Glowbiotics PadsOur Patient Care Coordinator confesses that she is just slightly obsessed with our new Glowbiotics Pads.

Self-awareness is a weird thing. Rather, self-awareness has taught me that I’m weird. Here’s how I know: the other day I was asked what my favorite skincare products were and I replied “Glowbiotics Probiotics Pads …pretty much anything that ends in pads”.

Maybe I’m more lazy than weird, but aren’t we all tired at the end of the day? One more step in the nightly routine can be too much. The beauty of the pad is that it is quick, easy and accurate every single time. Surely I’m not the only woman who questions whether she has used a product properly…did I use enough, did I use too much, did the cotton ball suck up the extremely valuable active ingredient? Did I mention that we might want to add “obsessive compulsive” to the list for me?

But that’s why I like things that come in single servings. It feels less wasteful and that means less guilt about waste which, like any well raised Catholic girl, I understand the importance of avoiding guilt at all cost. Guess I should add “unnamed guilt complex” to the list with weird, lazy, and obsessive compulsive.

Loaded with clinical-strength topical probiotics and antioxidants, these power pads leave my skin absolutely glowing.  People are noticing that my skin is more smooth and “glowy” since I have started using them. I have to warn you, they are positively addictive.

Life would be simpler if more things were offered in ‘fail proof’ pads.  Single servings have certainly spoiled me for life. Now if only other household items could do that too…hmm.

Glowbiotics Instant Resurfacing Pads $49

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