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Twenty Questions With Melissa Wyrick Chambers

Melissa Wyrick ChambersMany of you have heard the great news about Melissa Wyrick Chambers joining our practice.

Although she is new to us, for many of you she needs no introduction. She’s been an Aesthetic Nurse Injector here in Knoxville for 21 years. We are so excited to have an injector of her caliber working with our patients.

Yes, she has a very impressive bio. But, how well can she perform in the Reath office tradition?  (Hint: She’s a keeper.)

Let’s Play 20 Questions with Melissa


1. Your schedule is wide open this weekend. Your very favorite place to hang out around Knoxville is…

Cooking out with my friends.

2. Hooray for employee discounts! Your favorite Dr. Reath product is…

That’s a hard question since I love them all! Right now it’s Skinceuticals C E Ferulic.

3. Flashback to high school. The advice you would give to your sixteen-year-old self is…

Don’t take yourself so seriously and believe in who you are and what you want to become!

4. You just won a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world! You’re on your way to…


5. Busted! The most embarrassing song on your iphone is…

Uptown Funk

6. They are making a biopic of your life. Who is playing your leading man and why?

Gerard Butler. You can’t go wrong with a handsome man that can protect you and play the lead role in Phantom of the Opera

7. Greetings Sports Fans. What teams do you cheer for?

If I answer I will be thrown out of the state. (Roll Tide)

8. The best part of your job is definitely…

Building relationships with my clients and helping them achieve the look they desire PLUS my awesome coworkers!

9. Imagine you could be on a cover of a magazine. Which magazine would you choose and why would they feature you?

Country Music Magazine. I love to sing and hey a girl can dream, right?

10. Everyone has one. What super power do you wish you had?

I wish I could fly to avoid morning rush hour traffic.

11. Your favorite game to play as a kid was…


12. Ok, time to spill. The secret talent that you have is…

I sing.

13. Imagine your life became a reality series. What would they call it and why?

The Challenges of Being Blonde. Why? If you are around me enough you will know why.

14. You did something great and should be rewarded. What is your biggest splurge?

A nice vacation.

15. The rest of the staff always teases you about…

I haven’t been teased yet but trust me, they will have much to choose from.

16. If you had a theme song, it would be…

I’ve Had The Time of My Life.

17. Date night! Your perfect romantic evening consists of…

Chilling out at home by the fire pit after a well-cooked meal.

18. When you were a little kid, your parents probably described you as…

The comedian of the family.

19. Your very favorite animal and why? A dog.

If you spell dog backwards it spells God and they both love you unconditionally!

20. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Absolutely not! 😊

2 Responses to Twenty Questions With Melissa Wyrick Chambers

  • Lori says:

    Melissa is amazing!!! I went to her when I lived in Knoxville. Glad to see she is at Dr. Reath’s office. Dr. Reath is a great doctor with a wonderful staff. Melissa is a welcoming addition to staff.

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