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Why It Shouldn’t Matter Whether Demi Moore Has Had Plastic Surgery

Demi MooreIt seems to me that every time I look at some magazine, there’s another article about which celebrity has had plastic surgery. Most of the time these articles are pretty snarky as they speculate on what this person has had done, what it may have cost them, and what they’ve spent over their lifetime on plastic surgery. It seems to be a disturbing trend and one that makes me quite uncomfortable. Do you feel the same way?

The Demi Dilemma
Our most recent media “victim” is Demi Moore. Now let me say at the outset, that I do not know if she has ever had any plastic surgery. It’ s not my place to speculate about this, and quite frankly I don’t really care. What I will say about Demi, is that she is a very attractive woman, who appears to take care of herself, and who looks good. You go girl! (I say the same things about my wife, ’cause they’re true.)

What’s got me thinking about all this is a recent article in Allure Magazine.  In it, a Canadian plastic surgeon speculates upon what she has had done (complete with charts, photos, and arrows),  what she spends a year ($49,000), and what her lifetime expenditure on plastic surgery has been ($375,000).  These numbers sound a bit fantastic to me and remind me of Johnny Depp’s fictional makeover in the movie The Tourist” that I blogged about.  But what makes me really uncomfortable is that a plastic surgeon is leading this dialogue. I’m not sure we (as plastic surgeons) should be talking about this, particularly when we have no knowledge base, and all we would be doing is speculating.

Let’s Raise the Bar
And, in the spirit of full disclosure (by the way, Demi’s role in Disclosure was fabulous), I am a bit embarrassed that the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), of which I am a member, also mentioned and blogged about this topic. This week I will be going to the ASAPS Meeting, and I plan to discuss this type of blogging with our president. It seems to me that we can veer away from this type of discourse in favor of a better conversation. After all, we have so much to talk about when it comes to plastic surgery, we just need a few good men to lead the charge (and, yes, another great role for Demi in A Few Good Men). Our goal should be to educate — and in an entertaining way, if possible — and not lower the level of the conversation to this type of snarky speculation.

From a professional standpoint, plastic surgeons should not be speculating or disclosing what someone has or has not done. (Or what they should have done, that’s  another blog post entirely.) We must stay above the fray of gossip and conjecture. These are never really helpful no matter what they might do for the circulation of tabloids. I hope that this will occur less and less.

But let’s return to the lady of the hour: Demi. Just why is it that we are fascinated with her and with how she looks. Honestly, this is pretty simple: she’s happy, the best beauty secret of all. She’s in great shape and obviously spends time working out to stay that way. But, in the pictures you are likely to see of her, she’s smiling. And we all look better with a smile.

So here’s to Demi and to all of us. When we open a public discourse, let’s not focus on what has been done. If we look good, let’s focus on what intrinsically makes us that way. After all, we’ve all got it!

Here’s looking at you,

David B.



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