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Why My Patients Earn A Five Star Rating

five star ratingHow much do you use reviews when you are looking to buying something? A lot, I suspect. We are all using these reviews more and more.  They seem to be everywhere. They’re not just on Amazon or TripAdvisor anymore. For the most part I think we all like them.  And, I really do think they have an impact on what we do.

Why Online Reviews Work
The real use of such reviews is that we perceive them to be more “real” than paid advertisements or other forms of recommendations. That they appear to be unsolicited makes us perceive them to be more valid or trustworthy.  This is kind of interesting because we know nothing about the people writing the reviews. They could think exactly like us, or they could be totally off the wall. Nonetheless, they are a part of how business is done, so to speak, and I think they are here to stay.

Doctors Get Reviews Too
Doctors like myself are being reviewed as well. These reviews appear on Google searches and in other data bases, as I’m sure you know. But the one thing that I have not seen is for a doctor to review his patients. Now, don’t get worried  that I am about to commit a HIPPA violation or single someone out. That’s not going to happen! But, as a whole, I am now going to review my patients.

A Review Of My Patients
You all are great! I really feel blessed and privileged to work with you. You are all different, and you are all great. It is a rare day that I do not feel energized by working with my patients.  I may feel tired after a long day in the operating room, but I am still energized and excited about working with you all.  The reason that I do what I do is, quite simply, you.

A New Appreciation
A couple of years ago, we had a real slow down in the economy, maybe you heard about this. This had a profound effect on my profession as a whole. We were blessed in my practice to not see too much of a change in what we were doing. But, it did have an affect on our attitudes towards patients. I became even more appreciative of the fact that someone would choose to come in and see me.  This was not a given I realized as I talked with my colleagues around the country.  So, I guess we refocused on you, the patient.

Part of this refocusing was an even greater appreciation of just how great my patients are.  And, I don’t think I have ever really said this in a public forum so, now is the time!  In the language of Google or RealSelf, you all get five stars! Thanks for being who you are and for being my patients.

My best to you all,

David B.

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