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Why We Have A Waitlist for New Patient Consultations

How long is the wait to get in?describe the image
This is a question I am frequently asked as I help new patients find a time for a new patient consultation with Dr. Reath. It’s one of the hardest parts of my job! You see most of our patients have spent a lot of time researching and thinking about (even dreaming about) the procedures they are interested in and, understandably so, by the time they call to schedule a consultation, they are excited, and a little nervous, and READY TO GO! Although I hate disappointing folks (I’m no different – I’m the girl that orders everything I can through Amazon just so I can get cheap next day shipping!) the truth is when it comes to a quality plastic surgeon, sometimes a bit of a wait can be a very good thing.

A wait is good??!!
Yes!  When it comes to picking a plastic surgeon, a wait can be a good thing!  A wait for a new patient consultation is a good indication that the physician you would like to meet with is well-established with a solid reputation. Any manager of a successful practice will tell you that 80% or more of their patients come from word of mouth, and referrals from friends of happy patients. (Always a good sign, unless you don’t like your friends…In which case we have a special list….) Just kidding.

But seriously, if you find a practice with no wait (and don’t even get me started on discounts and coupons) they might be hurting for happy referrals. Sure, if you search enough, you may find an office that can get you in within a week. However, for most elite surgeons, that would be the result of a patient cancellation and not the norm. If you find a physician who wants to rush you in right away, you may want to ask yourself why that is.

The bottom line…
You can’t have excellent medical care if your plastic surgeon doesn’t take the time to get to know you and understand your concerns. By that I mean he or she sits down and talks with you. Dr. Reath insists that our patients have ample time with him during their office visits (not just time with our staff). This ensures that each patient has the undivided attention they need; and that usually means seeing fewer folks in a day than other plastic surgery practices in town. And that’s a good thing.

Our patients testify that we value their time, never double book, and always do our best with appointment reminders to ensure that Dr. Reath stays on schedule. They are often plesantly surprised by the amount of time Dr. Reath spends with them. I hear that all the time.

And we do our level best to work our waitlist by calling patients the minute we have a cancellation. We have a wait because we take the time to provide excellent care and judging by the number of happy patient referrals we see…yes, that’s a good thing!

By the Way….

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