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Why We Include Surgery Pricing on our Website

Plastic Surgery Prices on our websiteWhen you are thinking about elective cosmetic surgery, one of your considerations will always be the cost of the surgery.  This is different from most other types of medical care that you may receive, where medical insurance will be picking up the tab. Cosmetic surgery is different, and like it or not, cost is an important factor and accurate information about the cost is what you really need.

If you have browsed our website and looked at different procedures, or have leafed through the pages of our magazine Your Beauty, you will see that we have published the pricing for you.

Many other offices will not include this information, or do not list what is (or is not) included in their pricing.  Our feeling is that if we are going to put you, the patient, first, you should have easy access to cost information. And preferably  before you come into the office.Why more plastic surgeons do have this information for you is unclear to me.  Perhaps, we as physicians are not comfortable talking about what you will be spending. But this does not make it any less important to you.

There are a lot of misconceptions in the media and among the general public about the cost of plastic surgery.  Does a facelift cost $30,000? Can I get a breast enlargement for $2500?
The answer is no and probably not from a Board-certified plastic surgeon. Hopefully we can clear up a lot of this.  Actually, it is more frequent that I hear from a patient that they expected an operation to cost more than it does than to hear that the cost was way over what they thought it might be.

What We Include In Our Pricing
It is very important to know what is included in the costs that are listed.  Because sometimes only the surgeon’s fees are listed, and not other costs such as anesthesia or operating room expenses. Those are the hidden costs that could jump up to bite you later on. In such cases, you could be in for a rude awakening.  So, when you look our procedure pricing, here’s what is included:

    • All office visits
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Implants (if being used)
    • Operating room costs
    • Anesthesia
    • Post operative garments
    • Silicone scar strips


As you can see, if someone is only listing the surgeon’s fee, there can be a lot of other things that can creep into your checkbook. Occasionally an operation does not fit into one of the things we have listed.  In such a case, we will give you a range of the cost and determine the exact cost once we have spoken with the hospital or surgery center. Also, financing will have some effect on things, which is why we have a 5% discount when you don’t finance your procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is always a bit of a strange animal, medically speaking.  We must always use the best medical judgment and techniques to insure a good, and safe outcome (like any other operation). And yet the operations are consumer driven, so to speak.  And because of this, understanding the cost is very important.

Oh, yes, one more thing.  No matter who you are seeing, you are entitled to an accurate quote of the costs.  If you don’t get this, or if it is in anyway unclear, proceed with caution.

All the best,

Dr. David B. Reath





David B. Reath, MD

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