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Worldwide Plastic Surgery Stats Are In: The Winners May Surprise You

Recently, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), of which I am a member, released their report on worldwide plastic surgery statistics for the year 2010. There are some interesting findings about what is popular where, and how many operations are being done in different parts of the world.plastic surgery world wide statistics

The report listed the top 25 countries and their respective trends. Any guess on which operations were the most common?

And The Winners Are…
So, let’s see who’s doing what where (I know the suspense is killing you):

    • Country with most operations performed: USA (followed by Brazil and then China)

    • Top procedures worldwide: #1 Liposuction, #2 Breast Augmentation, #3 Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), #4 Rhinoplasty, #5 Abdominoplasty.

    • Country doing most liposuctions: Brazil

    • Country doing most breast augmentations: USA

    • Country doing the most blepharoplasties: Brazil

    • Country doing the most rhinoplasties: Brazil

    • Country doing the most abdominoplasties: USA

    • Country with the highest per capita number of plastic surgeries: South Korea*

    • Continent with most procedures: Asia (due to China, Korea, India, and Japan being combined)

Analyzing The Winners

You may surprised that Brazil is second in the country with the most operations but I am not. Our Brazilian colleagues have been leaders in the field of aesthetic surgery and they have taught us a lot. Certainly there are differences in how they and we do things, but they have been real innovators. Dr. Saldanha from Brazil is the surgeon who popularized the lipoabdominoplasty, which has subsequently be widely adopted in the States.

ChinaI guess what surprised me about the stats was that China ranked number three. I would have assumed that political influences might have lessened the acceptance of cosmetic surgery but this is obviously untrue. Not only is China the largest country, but their growth in all areas of plastic surgery has been impressive.

Usa Plastic Surgery StatisticsAs for the countries doing various procedures, Brazil and the USA were either first or second in the top five operations. And China was number three except for abdominoplasties. From year to year there maybe some jockeying for the top slot, but this all makes sense to me, particularly that Brazil’s top operation is liposuction, because they seem very focused on this.

Seeing what is going on around the world is always enlightening.  What is most important to a give culture in terms of perceived beauty is reflected in the procedures performed there. And, of course, this varies from culture to culture.

Hope these numbers made for interesting reading.

All the best,

David B.

*The South Korean statistics are from an interesting sidebar by The Economist on plastic surgery procedures per capita.  They did not publish their methodology, so I am not sure if this is totally valid, but it is interesting.  They suggest that South Korea has the highest cosmetic procedures per person than any other country.  It was reported that one in five women in Seoul have had plastic surgery.  And, by their per capita rankings, the US was #6.  Whether or not this is accurate I do not know.  But, with a total of 3.3 million invasive and minimally invasive procedures, it appears that our country may not be number one in per capita rankings.

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