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Wrinkle Wars: Xeomin Ploy Backfires


If nothing else will convince you that the wrinkle relaxer industry is big business, this next story will.

Undeniably, Botox is the king of the hill when it comes to these products. It’s been around the longest, and is the most widely distributed wrinkle relaxer, or as we refer to them: neurotoxins. The second one in the market is Dysport. We use them both, and find that there are some differences in them, but we are hard pressed to say that one is definitively better than the other. However, Botox is sort-of our “go to” product.

Well, the next kid on the block is Xeomin, (pronounced Zee-O-Min). And, it appears that the makers of Xeomin are not playing well with others, and herein lies the story. Last Friday, Allergan, the makers of Botox, won an injunction against Merz Pharma from selling Xeomin. According to the Bloomberg Article it appears that some Allergan employees were sought out to join Merz and delayed giving notice of their resignations while they emailed themselves proprietary information about Botox’s sales figures, customer lists, and things of this nature. The judge cited “graphic examples of misappropriation” in his ruling.  How long the injunction will be is unclear at this time.

We Weren’t That  Impressed with Xeomin Anyway.
Interestingly, our practice was sought out by Merz to try Xeomin. After using it on a few people, we became quickly disenchanted with it because we found that it didn’t last as long as Botox and Dysport. If our experience was similar to that of others with Xeomin, it is very possible that this product would not have been long lived in terms of its use.  So, perhaps this injunction will not have a long term affect on the market anyway.

This story shows that these products represent big business and a lot of money to their manufacturers. Where there is big business there is always the possibility of illegal or at least unethical business practices. This is not the only story regarding the distribution of such products and I will blog about this in the future, but suffice it to say that if you are having wrinkle relaxers in this country… buy American!

More later,

David B.

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