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Wrinkles and Winners: The Year in Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery YearHere we are again at the beginning of a new year – how did that happen? Probably just like it did last year. And, of course how did we get here? More importantly, where are we headed? As in life, these questions apply to plastic surgery too. So first let’s have a look at some of what went down in 2015. Then, I will make three predictions for what to expect in 2016.

Big Plastic Surgery News in 2015


Lifestyle Lift put to rest

One of the big stories early in 2015 was the bankruptcy of the Lifestyle Lift company. This was a very good thing for both patients and the plastic surgery industry. This was never a good operation and many unwitting patients were hoodwinked into thinking they were getting a really effective operation by a real (as in board-certified or board-eligible) plastic surgeon. In almost all cases neither were the case. The bottom line is that this company was focused on profit and not patient care or patient outcomes. So to this company, we can say good riddance!

Sientra breast implants in limbo

Another story that broke in the latter part of 2015 was issues with the quality of Sientra breast implants, which were being manufactured in Brazil. As a result, the company is not, at this time, making their products available. For most of us, this is no big deal as Sientra only had less than 10 % of the silicone breast implant market. It was never a player alongside the likes of Allergan or Mentor and we never used them. But, from where I sit, there was always a bit of irrational exuberance with how some prominent plastic surgeons latched onto these.

The company’s CEO raised significant capital just before the quality issues came to light (and its stock plummeted more than 80%). This has come under scrutiny and is now the subject of a class action lawsuit. When and whether Sientra will start providing implants again is uncertain but this is one of those stories where things will probably end up where they should be. Fortunately, this has little or no impact on patient care or availability of quality silicone breast implants.

My Predictions for 2016

It’s all about the neck

Last year saw the emergence of newer technologies focused on the improvement of the contour of the neck: CoolMini, the new CoolSculpting applicator, and Kybella injections. While these have not replaced liposuction of the neck, they offer alternative methods of reducing the fat in the neck. I have blogged about this before, but it was certainly something that came to the forefront last year and will continue to be popular going forward. It’s good news for folks concerned with how their necks look, particularly when it comes to video conferences, skyping or selfies!

Mybody dominates skin care

The growing popularity of mybody Skin care products is something that we see in our practice. These are great products that everyone in the office loves. David Watson, who is the CEO of mybody, was also the person who started BioMedic skin care. BioMedic was the first skin care line I brought into my practice over 15 years ago (which is forever when it comes to skin care products). So we’ve known David for quite some time. He is a great innovator and entrepreneur. What makes mybody so special is the use of probiotic technology in the production of their products and YouthBoost treatments. This is a great advance in skin care. We anticipate seeing more and more of our patients won over by these products and suspect that other practices will see the same thing.

SkinPen is big, really big

One of the things I have found over the years is that there is always something new being pushed when it comes to skin care procedures. Some of the stuff is hype, and some is for real. Usually the things that are for real make sense from a medical/scientific/biological standpoint. Enter the SkinPen, the next generation of micro needling. To put it mildly, this has taken skin care procedures in our office by storm. Everyone wants it, everyone is getting it, and everyone is seeing results. It requires a series of treatments a month apart and it really improves the texture and appearance of your skin. As I said, all of us in the office have this done and are seeing real improvements in the way our skin looks. This will continue to be big for in the new year.

Looking forward to 2016

2015 has been a very good year for our practice and we are already off to a strong start this year. As always, we will focus on patient care, patient outcomes, and patient safety. Many of the operations that I perform will not change significantly, yet every day I will continue to work to do things better than before and improve our patients’ experiences.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Dr. David B. Reath




David B. Reath, MD

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