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You Ask. We Answer. Peeling After Chemical Peels

This week we’re going to begin a new series called “You Ask. We Answer.” The idea is to answer some of the questions that patients frequently ask. Today’s answer comes from Christy, our wonderful aesthetician and skin care expert.

You Ask:
If I don’t actually peel after my chemical peel, is it still effective?


We Answer:
This is a question that has followed me throughout my career as an Aesthetician. The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!

Although we do call chemical exfoliation a chemical “peel,” it is not necessary for your skin to actually peel for it to be effective. Light chemical peels are designed to have minimum to no downtime and may produce mild redness and some flaking.

The goal of a chemical peel is to smooth and improve the texture of the skin by lifting and removing dead skin cells by using blends of active ingredients. How a person reacts to these topical solutions can differ from person to person.

Many different factors play a role in the amount of exfoliation you get in your chemical peel treatment. The more oily your skin is, the less penetration you might get. On the contrary, if your skin is dehydrated or overly dry from retinols you may get a little more peeling than you had initially planned on. Also, medications, time of year, and thickness of your skin can play a big part of resurfacing or lack there of.

No matter the amount of peeling you receive, the acids used in the peels still provide valuable benefits to your skin. Just like working out, the more often you train the better shape you are in. The same goes for your skin.

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